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If either of you want to donate your garment bags to a nice college student, I wouldn't mind
Quote: Originally Posted by etb RL SA yesterday: "early/mid-November." Also said they wouldn't be doing the 30%+15%. Not to contradict that sales associate, but I was talking to the general manager of one of the three Ralph boutiques near me; she mentioned that there are four big events per year, and specifically said the 40%+15%. So either the sales associate was lying to pad his/her numbers, the general manager was lying to generate...
Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit 40r could be anything: from small to large,as the actual measurements would change based on the manufacturer, model etc...formal sizes on the label mean nothing +10000 I am a 40L, so basically the same as you. I have to wear a small in some designers to a large in others; it really depends on the cut and shape. For instance, RLBL runs pretty slim and I vary between a M and a L in that, and don't have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by letmefly Did the price of that 3-piece just go up with 201 USD when starting this thread? Yes...I was thinking the exact same thing. 40L is a very tough size here, which has yet to benefit me in any way with an amazing deal.
Any news on when the RL 40+15 secret sale is? I'm hearing rumors of November again.
Looks absolutely horrible on. I think you should probably just give it away as it is beyond salvageable....PM me for my address and shipping information
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Italy is widely known as a model of timeliness and efficiency. Cheers for sarcasm.
I do not have personal experience, but from reading through a number of threads, and taking into account the situations of people I know who have commissioned work in Napoli, unless you're fluent in Italian, you will likely be ripped off. I also think that two weeks is really pushing it, and you would likely be required to pay an expedition fee.
Has anyone noticed that the spelling has gone to complete hell in the past few weeks?
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