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Ed - price point for the scarves? I could use a new one.
This may be my second favorite Hermes tie behind the hungry hippos.
Take a photo of the tag; someone should be able to identify it from there.
Can't you guys just build one too? I can't imagine it is very pricey. I assume it would entail two 2x4, attached plywood, stain, hinges, mirrors. I'd imagine that you can do that for about $50-$60.
Here is a WILD question? Which one fits you better?
You transposed the lasts.The Strand is on the 5 last and the Boston is the one on the 0 last. As for the pricing conundrum, they are routinely part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but that ended a month ago. SF user allaboutshoes has all models of AE for a great price in first quality. If you are willing to accept seconds, email the shoe bank at Allen Edmonds and ask for a list of shoes in your size on the 5 last. If you're not a terribly uncommon size, you should...
I saw these yesterday and they are quite poor. The fabric was very rough, most were fused with a thicker chest plate, and the styling was just poor.
That is the proper length of a jacket...for a woman.
The only things that fit you on that suit are pant length and jacket length; everything else is massive.
Thanks guys. I have no experience with any type of Zegna as they all are enormously big for me in the shoulders.
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