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I think when done with a grey suit, it looks phenomenal. That said, only about 6-10% of wearers can properly pull it off without looking like a giant douchebag.
Shameless sell for myself
Why can't that be a 40L in the Isaia blue chalk stripe?
Quote: Originally Posted by pitseleh12 ok, i just measured myself: im actually 5'11" and 161 pounds. the salesman said i fit properly into a 40R jacket, and i determined the 33 waist pants were too tight bc they hurt my stomach. ive got a belly As previously stated, don't listen to the salesmen. Not all 40's fit alike and not all 33 waists fit alike. There is a lot of vanity sizing going on in fashion. I'm 6'4" and 185 and wear a 40 with...
Agreed with the other poster. I'd head to the Gaslamp, which will be your best bet for the nicest ambiance and provide you with what you're looking for. The Gaslamp Strip Club is one of my favorite places in the country, and should be a fun experience for you guys since you'll get to cook your own food. If you're both drinkers, their martini selection is out of this world. God I miss living there....
Went today after class, found a nice Pal Zileri blue nailhead suit in pretty good condition, but too big. For anyone in the Philadelphia area, it's at the Junior League Thrift Shop in Ardmore.
Quote: Originally Posted by Blake686 +1, I couldn't agree more Thirded.
Quote: Originally Posted by heli0x I can sorta see how it would come in handy. If your knot is huge, like this guy, the button may prevent the collar from being turned up. I hate myself, but I kind of like this....I'd never wear it, but I kind of like it.
A lot of the others have hit the nail right on the head already, so my two cents will likely be rather brief and slightly redundant in some areas. 1. Cut your hair. If you're looking like you're 15, it's because you have long hair that's in a ponytail, which is only acceptable for guitarists, drummers, lead singers, and Samoan football players. 2. Move to a slim fitting wool pant, which should do wonders for you. If pants are too short, that's an easy fix. ...
I'm curious as to the quality of +J, Jil Sander's guest designer line for Uniqlo? I'd imagine it's close to H&M range, but want to hear opinions before taking the time and spending the train fare to head from Philly into NYC. Any and all opinions requested. I wasn't able to find anything other than pictures posted. If I'm missing something please feel free to insult me, kick me in the shin and point me in the right direction Thanks
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