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How are you guys getting things so cheaply? I checked my local Rack today and the suit that I wanted a month and a half ago is still there and STILL 650.
Hi guys, Did some shopping today and came across 20-30 NWT Mabitex pants. Saw mostly size 34, as that's where I spent the most time shopping. Prices would be between $80-$90 delivered. Mostly cottons, but a few wools and linens in the mix. Please let me know if interested and I'll go back this weekend.
Do a screen shot of the invoice where there is the obscene shipping charge: document, document, document!
For anyone looking for Black Label - I am headed into the city on Monday to do some shopping/browsing and will be stopping into Ralph Lauren. Anyone who is looking for Black Label, I know I have 2 people with whom I have had existing discussions, please PM me your budget and what you're looking for and I will take a look for you.
That's an absolutely beautiful tuxedo. I wish A) I could afford it, and B) it fit me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mlongano Thanks everyone...I was just concerned that it might arrive with nobody available to sign for it, and then get returned to China to start the whole delivery process anew. Leave a note on your door....works like a charm, especially if you know your postman/ups driver well.
Interesting read. I actually find my 2 button collars easier to button. I find myself getting stuck when there is only one (very small neck, very big hands).
I decided to hit up a few stores after class today because of the nice weather....I think everyone else had the same idea. Stores were insanely crowded and overly picked over. I saw one nice Lanvin tuxedo, but it was too large and too notched lapels.
Welcome to my life of small shoulders and a size 40. I'm between 17.5"-18" but quite a bit taller than you at 6'4" With your measurements look to a 48S by Canali or Pal Zileri. I think the fuller cut should really be advantageous for you and give you the room in the body and shoulders. However, you'll run into the problem that there might not be enough room for expansion of the waist to accommodate a 35" without a waist band put in by your tailor. It's really...
Here are the pictures as asked. All are somewhat wrinkled as they were taken while still drying and pre-steamed. 1. Overhead shot of the back seams 2. Close-up of seam 3. Flat front back with striped shirt 4. Flat front back with bold print The first two are my Modern Tailor shirt. The second one is Banana Republic and the third is Etro. Obviously I don't expect a $50 Moden Tailor shirt to have the same workmanship as an Etro...
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