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I wear a 40L in it.
Price is less of an issue; I have free money coming to me and decided to utilize it. Ralph Lauren tends to do their 40+15 later on in the season, which I can conceivably wait for as I will be in Milan for the next 4 months. Quad - the 1220 is a slimmer cut than the traditional Oxxford Type A and Type B. I realize that I haven't seen legit measurements of the BOC of it. When I saw them this weekend, the store only had 40R, so I extrapolated. RLBL is one of the few...
Alden tassel? I like this look.
Ahoy all, I have since decided to buy myself two new suits over the next several weeks and have decided on RLBL or Oxxford 1220, in the requisite navy and charcoal. I have since outgrown all of my existing suits, which were all sent to goodwill. About me: I am 6'4" and fluctuate between 175 and 180 pounds with a slim/average build. I prefer the silhouette of the RLBL better and the only alteration required is hemming the pants. Conversely, I prefer the fabric and...
As someone who has bought and sold on here, I find that to be sketchy at best, rude at worst. I can't fault the seller, as it is within his right, but that seems a bit unnecessary. A day seems like a fair time frame, especially since many of us are in different time zones and cannot respond instantaneously. Birks - typically when I make an offer, I include what type of time frame just to prevent any type of issues like that. Most sellers are accommodating, but there...
Wow, I am actually surprised the OP took any advice. From his prose and syntax, it seemed as if he wanted people to corroborate his initial actions, thus validating them. I would recommend Club Monaco as others have said, It represents a step up from young style, but stays age appropriate.
Have you considered a mackintosh? I personally love mine and it is my go to fall look as it is warm enough but thin enough, and saves me against the rain. If it is between the three listed above, I would go with the chesterfield.
Woolite then hang. If there is a heavy pattern to the shirt, handwash it as was mentioned already. Any of my thin cotton requires a handwash, otherwise the pattern will fade unevenly, rending the shirt useless. For basic washes, I use 7th Generation. Works like a charm, no chemicals, no fading.
IIRC the Mora was on the 8 last originally, which is a bit blobby. The Mora is gorgeous IF you're into the truly American shape. As seen above, the faux Lowndes is longer, sleeker, and a bit more squared off.
There is a huge discussion on this if you do a search. My personal experience, which as a consumer and as a seller, accounts to about 100 pairs of the pants, is that either I have had great luck or you have had poor luck. I have only had one problem, and that was the typical ass blow out. The pair that blew up on me were a cotton/silk blend. I currently have several wools and cottons in the rotation; the only problems I have had are with button fastening, which is just...
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