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Modern Tailor has shifted from priority USPS to Global Express, which requires a signature as well as a receipt form since it is from China. My most recent order required three signatures.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEARTLESS-531 I just checked - it's actually Cooch-inelli. That is, if you know about that stuff (cashmere, not the pussy, although that's important too). Your stresses are in the wrong part, so I'll assume you don't speak Italian: Coo-CHI-ne-lee
Drops - what doesn't sell this weekend is getting returned by Thursday
You might want to go to ebay with the Isaia shirt. I have seen it on there twice, both times it sold for more than you're asking here in the same size.
I wish the spam people actually spoke English. I think I would be less annoyed if it didn't say this: my boss make a determind that you can get a best discount and a free gift if you shall buy something
Just got my new order today and am VERY happy with it and a lot of the inconsistencies seemed to have been replaced. Fabric p163 - Multi Colors Stripes It is a nice and thick fabric, but has a lot of breathability to it. It is a copy of an Etro shirt that has since departed me. Feel free to check out the shirt in the showcase. Fabric r7 - Orange Gingham R7 has since sold out, many of the purchases coming from this forum. If it ever comes back, I highly...
Updated with items sold and drops across the board. Quantity special: If you buy the 4 remaining size 52's, I'll do them for $225 delivered rather than the $250 it would be a la carte. If you buy the 3 remaining 50's, I'll do it for $175 delivered rather than $190 it would be a la carte.
Get canvas....it is extremely weather resistant, durable and most of all, it is machine washable. Sand + boat crud = destruction of high grade materials.
Since the weather is nice here, and the Flyers should take a 3-2 lead in the cup tonight, I'm feeling generous. Though 11:59 EST tomorrow night, take 5% off of each pant AND I'll cover the shipping charges (in the continental US).
Quote: Originally Posted by gradstudent I took the risk and purchased the suit. Definitely not an expert, but fit is great. Can you post fit pics? I was looking at these but ultimately passed.
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