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I will actually answer this question and resist my urge to be a sarcastic ass as you seem genuinely curious. I'm probably around the same age as both of you wear my mid-navy macintosh almost every day in fall. Since i am in the Northeast, it gives me rain protection and is classically styled so it has lasted me a few years now. Other options: mid-thigh trench coat, cotton pea-coat.
Final drops on the items....they're going to Goodwill on Wednesday if they don't sell.
Allow me to be the umteenth person to say congratulations on the weight loss and life change. I think you should buy 2 pieces of interim clothing: a pair of dark, straight fit denim (Levis 501 are perfect for this and very affordable) and a nicer button down shirt (you can get one of the sale fabrics on Modern Tailor). To wait two years to get into the dating game is foolish. You are already on the right path of trying to better yourself, find a companion with whom you...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy Ernesto off of south st on 5th charges 25 or 35. Their work is alright. Centofanti in Ardmore is better but slower. Centofanti is on holiday and the store is closed. I am not sure when he is returning, but I drive past there almost every day and will be glad to look.
Added three new pairs of pants. Special for the weekend....if you buy at least three of the shirts, shipping east of Chicago is on me. If you buy all of them, ConUs shipping is on me.
What brand is that? It is absolutely huge in your shoulders. As others mentioned, the pants are off too. I think you need to add a cuff with a heel guard in the pants to allow them to pull heavily and give you a smooth front.
I'm still an advocate for Mabitex. Their going rate is usually 65-70 for cottons and 95-110 for wools. Almost every pair I wear is Mabitex and they wear well and have held up beautifully. OP what size are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Isn't one supposed to size down in the RLPL custom fit. I am a 42R in most brands and was thinking of getting this custom fit suit in 44R. I was expecting the pants waist to be 36" and the jacket P2P to be 22" but the seller has listed them to be 38" and 23" respectively which I think is correct for the normal RLPL 44R suits but not for the custom fit ones. I tried contacting the seller but he has not responded. ANy...
The difference is that most MEN on this forum have innate style whereas people like you read about style and try to imitate. I'm putting 2:1 odds on you having worn Abercrombie polos with the collar popped.
Drops on the remaining shirts, removed sold pants.
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