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I like the look of this quite a bit. I've always found your posts to be classic and conservative, yet seem very appropriate for you. I also love how you qualified Florence with Italy, as if we wouldn't have assumed that.
Those shoes are genuinely heinous. The last place to skimp is on shoes. The difference in quality between a cheap brand of shoes and a real brand of shoes is miles wide. Think of it this way...would you rather buy something for $300 that with routine care and recrafting will run you about $550 over 10 years, or buy 5 pairs of crap shoes at $100 a pair that will barely make it two years each? To me, the answer is quite obvious. I'm a big Allen Edmonds supporter as I...
Where are you located and how slim are you? I know that you wrote 32x30, but how is the cut on that?
I bought a pair of rubber Ralph Lauren boots last winter and they are probably one of the best purchases that I have ever made. Sartorially, they are lacking, but functionally they are perfect. Add another bag to your commute and bring a pair of shoes to the office and go for comfort/durability. No point in ruining your feet, clothes, and mood by trudging through the conditions in poor apparel.Take this from The Style Guy, one of GQ's two only knowledgeable writers.
Is post-homoerectus the Vibram running shoe?
Lufty - I actually kind of like the tie. I don't think it works with a suit as there is A LOT going on; conversely, I think it would pair well underneath a sport coat and/or sweater. If you're a cardigan wearer, that would pair pretty well for a dressy/casual look for a night on the city.
I really like this look, sans the sleeves. Lapels are already getting wider, see Ralph Lauren's upcoming collections, as well as Tom Ford. My issue, as Spoo pointed out, is the enormous flap on the pockets. That is the first place that my eyes went to and it really takes away from an otherwise awesome sport coat. I'm not sure if a tailor could recut the pockets to be about half the size, but I'd do that if possible.
I'm not at liberty to discuss that. Get yellow. I think that would be gnarly.
I want to bump an old thread as I am considering ordering myself a pair. I have the problem that I have long fingers, small wrists, and a very small thumb, so gloves tend to fit me rather poorly. Does anyone have more recent experience with them in terms of durability and construction quality? In my searching, I see that one member photocopied his hand, which I will definitely do if I opt to order. Thanks all.
New Posts  All Forums: