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Since the weather is nice here, and the Flyers should take a 3-2 lead in the cup tonight, I'm feeling generous. Though 11:59 EST tomorrow night, take 5% off of each pant AND I'll cover the shipping charges (in the continental US).
Quote: Originally Posted by gradstudent I took the risk and purchased the suit. Definitely not an expert, but fit is great. Can you post fit pics? I was looking at these but ultimately passed.
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 Anybody noticed if Modern Tailor has changed the fabric that's on sales now? I could swear the fabric on sale a few days ago is different from what's on the website now. They often change every week. However, with the mid-day sale, they said that it would be 8 days long, half the fabric in Sale 1, the other half in Sale 2. From what I'm seeing, the good selection was in Sale 1.
I checked out the fabrics before work this morning at 8:30.....now at 6:40, over 2/3 are sold out. I'm glad I got my choice fabric and had some credit/vouchers. Not a bad choice for $28. Cross - No.: X304 looks excellent and I toyed with ordering it myself
Quote: Originally Posted by royskeen That would suck. Hope there is a fire sale, though! http://www.hulu.com/watch/1296/arres...ment-fire-sale
Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland I've got a question about the 'gauntlet' or sleeve placket button - sorry if it's been asked before... Has anyone ever requested a specific measurement for the mid-forearm, or where the gauntlet button sits? I ask because I like to be able to leave this button done up for tension for the warm/busy/dirty occasions at work where I have to roll up my sleeves... if the circumference of the sleeve at this point is...
I'll echo others' statements. I've seen great shoes there, and some marginally good shoes. While I, like many other SFers despise Kenneth Cole, I got a nice pair of KC boots there for $20. Allen Edmonds are often anywhere from $85-$145, and Donald Pliner often ranges from $100-$200. Their suit selection, for the most part, blows. $900 for a Versace summer weight suit? The pricing there is also very brand forward, oftentimes with Canali being considerably less than...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 +100. I don't want them to ever know I can understand them so I didn't say anything but I can't figure out what she thought my scam was? +23.5 I can never decide if I want to let on to other people when I speak the other language. I don't speak more than 2 sentences of Spanish, so it comes up less frequently.
Quote: Originally Posted by acecow Get the orange gingham. I just ordered that a few days ago. I e-mailed them asking for it to be part of the weekly sales, and they told me that the sales are predicated by inventory levels. However, they gave me another $20 for my purchase towards the shirt. I'll post pictures when it arrives.
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