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Hi guys, I've been doing some closet cleaning recently and have a few items that I don't wear anymore. All measurements are as close as possible, but this is my first time measuring pit to pit, so let me know if I did it wrong or if you'd like another measurement. Please add $5 for shipping, discounts for multiple purchases Jackets: Banana Republic black wool - 42L. Worn maybe 3x, just way too big for me. $33 This is one of the nicer BR jackets I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Don't get either. Thirded. For the money, you can get a MUCH better shoe.
Bold shirts and bright pocket squares.
I would wear it if it was free and fit well, but the operative word from your post is buy. That said, no I would never buy a 2 button tuxedo.
Your pants look huge. Shirt is off....you need contrast.
I think if you do front and back pleats, it will be okay. That's still age appropriate and should help drape better than a truly flat front.
http://www.giltman.com/s/finalsalemen/product/17383760 More loafers than drivers, but a decent price.
I was never a fan of him professionally, but a truly sad loss for the world. My thoughts with those who knew and admired him, and all of those affected by his death.
I thought the sale was really good in some areas, really horrible in others. I loved the Navy chalkstripe Isaia suit, and they had it in my size, but I don't have $700 to spend on a suit, no matter how good the deal was. It was comical to see how fast some of the great deals went, and how most of the overpriced stuff is still left. I did pick up 2 pairs of jeans for a great price. It was slightly chaotic, and I did see a few McQueen pieces, which unfortunately I know...
Hi there, I've dropped a fair amount of weight from my shoulders and don't have any suits that fit me. Budget is an issue as I'm a student. Something in navy or grey, either solid or pinstriped would be swell. I'm a 34" waist and 33.25" inseam, so I'll need pants that have enough fabric to accommodate those measurements. I'd like something in a slimmer fitting brand with natural shoulders, yes, just like everybody else on the forum I'd rather go with a preowned...
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