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Looks absolutely horrible on. I think you should probably just give it away as it is beyond salvageable....PM me for my address and shipping information
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR Italy is widely known as a model of timeliness and efficiency. Cheers for sarcasm.
I do not have personal experience, but from reading through a number of threads, and taking into account the situations of people I know who have commissioned work in Napoli, unless you're fluent in Italian, you will likely be ripped off. I also think that two weeks is really pushing it, and you would likely be required to pay an expedition fee.
Has anyone noticed that the spelling has gone to complete hell in the past few weeks?
Please let me know if you can get Italian Cypress by Tom Ford
Ugh. If those Boglioli suits weren't so short in the back, I'd buy both. Damn you for not being a long!
I also want to take a bit to chime in on this issue. I am a luxury marketing student and have read quite a bit and been taught even more. What the OP has also ignored, and I don't believe it was subsequently touched on, is that a lot of the fashion brands carve out not only exclusivity, but also a goal. In this day of leverage, credit, and expansion, many consumers will leverage themselves to obtain a status symbol, mainly a designer item which is thought of by the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don along with your arsenal of banana republic clothing? Oh, sarcasm! I love sarcasm and personal attacks. Care to try some more and really show me how tough you are on the internet Louis Vuitton Don? Oh no, you might put out a cyber hit and whack me! FYI - After reading your threads and responses, I'm pretty sure that this is you.
I feel like after reading this thread that I want to return all of my Etro clothing....
I once wore a dinner jacket made of meat.
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