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Thanks guys. I have no experience with any type of Zegna as they all are enormously big for me in the shoulders.
For 40R wearers in the Philadelphia area, there are two excellent suits at LCNM at Franklin Mills. There is one Kiton in a mid-range grey for about $1500 and an Oxxford 1220 in an air force blue. It was my first time handling the Oxxford 1220 and I came away very impressed. The fit is excellent, but very short.
Really?What do you wear when it is cold and you're at home? Not going to lie--I have worn a cashmere v-neck with basketball shorts at home when cold before, but that is rare. My one and only one hoodie is totally SF approved. 2008 Phillies WFC sweatshirt.
The RL mansion is worth seeing. 75th and Madison if I remember my cross streets correctly.
Crusty - You look like an evil genius with the goatee. I somehow see you sitting there, sipping cognac, and planing on how to extort money from the poor and kill children.
Can't you just go Zegna couture? They manufacture the suits to Tom Ford's specs, so you should have some leeway.
The width is E, which is fairly comparable to a US D width. Different manufacturers use different widths; I'm used to an F being the medium width, but I digress that I have never tried on a pair of EG
Don't get distracted by the money aspect of things as the truly wealthy often don't dress well whatsoever. The biggest thing is etiquette, and knowing what to do, when to do it, and with whom to do it. If I was in your position, I would do the following: Charcoal, single breasted, double vent No break Trim fit White shirt Hermes patterned tie White linen pocket square Black cap toes It is classic, but the fun in the tie can really help define you. The important thing...
You're obviously preparing for the end of days this weekend.
I'd switch the socks to loafer socks. Other than that, this is an awesome casual look. Shoe details?
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