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Much better than the previous version seen
What I have noticed is that brown is the dominant color in Milan while black is the dominant color in Paris. I cannot attest for the rest of Europe's major cities.
Best line ever on this forum.
You can get everything there cheaper if you go separately. I, for one, prefer cream based polishes rather than wax based ones which are included in the link.I use just a Kiwi horse hair brush as I think it offers basically the same result as anything for 5-20x the price and I simply cannot justify the price difference.
This thread got weird. One way to salvage it.... [[SPOILER]]
Depending on your body shape, there are some good and some less good options. Tony Romo hit the nail on the head regarding Black Label; a lot of people try to make it work as it is a forum darling, yet most look ridiculous in it. For reference, Tony Romo and I are the same size and similar measurements if I remember correctly, so we would give you the same RLBL recommendation. If you're able to fit the Fitzgerald well, I have really been impressed with what I have seen...
It has been a while since I've seen them in person, but I seem to remember Marc Guyot shoes being goodyear welted and I absolutely love them as a fashion shoe.
I hope the store paid for your new sleeves - did they? I also echo other sentiment about expressing my condolences of suits.
GQ JUST told him, so he's a little late to the party.
Safe to say there might be a virtual free for all for those shoes.
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