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I'll advocate these sport coats...I had the blue one on yesterday when shopping; it feels like you're wearing nothing at all (cue Simpsons joke).
Hi, I don't have anything for sale here, but I do live within 20 minutes either direction of 2 Ralph Lauren boutiques....I'd be willing to pop in and take a look at the one in Center City. The other one only has suiting at full retail. I'd be happy to proxy if you'd like.
I saw quite a few today and tried them on....they fit exceptionally well in the jacket. I think the cut of the pants is quite different than the standard Isaia and would basically need to be recut for me. As mentioned, they are trim, with a nice, natural shoulder, exceptionally soft, moving canvas. I noticed that the armholes are a bit lower than a standard Base S model.
Wow, so I really thought there were like 14 other people in the world with a 12.5 shoe....apparently all 14 of us are here. Thanks for the tips thus far, I've enjoyed reading it as I have the same problem as the OP.
Well it's all about different brands and different fits. I have a 40" chest and exceptionally small shoulders, I need my jackets to be 17"-17.5" in the shoulders and finding brands that fit that are difficult.
Thanks so much for the advice. Measurements have subsequently been edited, some prices dropped. Also added an interest check for two watches. I'll do $50 for both BR jackets and cover shipping anywhere in the continental US. Come on, help a poor college student buy a new suit!
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard I think women just need to realize that teh gheys don't have a monopoly on being fabulous anymore. I rather laughed at that.
Are you leaning off to the side? You have a great fit on one side and a poor fit on the other, and I assume it's because you're leaning on your right leg?
I've hand washed all of my lambswool with no issues.
From seam to seam - is that incorrect? When I was taking them, they seemed large to me as well.
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