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He just wants us to validate his purchases and decision making. I was mistaken giving him props earlier.
I find almost every pair of BB shoes, regardless of maker, runs extremely wide in the heel.
One other thing has troubled me. Are you driving a first generation Hummer? How the heck does $20 in gas equate to two hours round trip.
That was genuinely great.
S - that was my plan all along, but the 1220 threw a wrench into my plans. I have never had a suit fit me as well as RLBL does as I am a goofy shape. I have pretty small shoulders and a fairly small frame and require a 32" BOC as written above. The construction is obviously underneath standard Oxxford, but I put it right on par with Belvest. Knowledge - I will naturally look there, but I have bad luck with a lot of cuts. Right now, the RLBL Anthony is my favorite...
Recognize that the Park Ave, Strand, 5th Ave and McAllister are on AE's 5 last, which is long and narrow. I am a 13 length, but go down to a 12 on the 5 last but maintain width. You very well might have to go down to a 12.5 or possibly even a 12. It depends on the width of your foot on whether you truly are a 13 D.Since you seem to be a shoe neophyte, a last is the model upon which the shoe is built. Some lasts will work for your foot, some will not. Oftentimes...
I said it is less of an issue, not no issue I want to stay remotely on budget and not blow all of my free money on clothing and save most of it. I had always planned on going Black Label, as I mentioned it fits me perfectly OTR, including a flush back and sleeve length. I was just thrown a curveball when seeing the 1220 for the first time in person and seeing the construction. FWIW, one can typically find the 1220 on ebay for around $800 per suit, which I find to be...
Shell: http://aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=52&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action= Calf: http://aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=42&ParentID=89&PageID=&Action=
If you're going shell at $525, it might be prudent to have someone in a non-tax state order them for you and then ship them to you in a flat rate box. I don't have enough experience with shell, but I think you're better served going Alden if you're going the shell route.
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