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Seconded. I'm 6'4" 175 and I wear a medium in almost anything--length can be an issue, but since you're dealing with a 6' guy, less of an issue for you.
Does anyone here have the "netbook bag"? I have a very small computer, and it is slightly bigger than the measurements provided by Filson, and I want to know how close of a fit it will be. I mostly just carry my laptop, kindle, and a few other necessary items every day, and this seems small enough to make my life easier. http://www.filson.com/products/passage-netbook-bag.73032.html Thanks
I am in the minority and think that pebble can be worn for the every day, but I certainly would not wear them meeting with your board or clients. Wear them with a pair of mid grey POW pants and let the blue pattern of the pant contrast against the color of the shoes.
Can anyone with more experience than me comment on the fit of the Alden for Brooks Brothers tassel loafers? I am a 12 C on the 5 last in AE and a 13C on the Aberdeen last in actual Alden. Does anyone know if these BB versions run longer? I find the C&J versions do, in fact, run long and wide, but I have never handled the Alden version. Thanks all.
This should be epic.
Are the new obligatory and matching avatars making anyone else a bit crazy? There are about 5 of them and it makes threads more difficult to follow and to see who is the actual poster.
+1.OP - get measurements done of yourself, as unless you're a power lifter who only does shoulder and bench presses, you're probably wearing a 42 when you should be in a 40.
One of the reasons that I prefaced the article.
Are you dead set on Panerai? It is constantly ripped in the horological circles as nothing more than a perpetual marketing ploy and faux status symbol. Read: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/mens-watches_500/564_watch-snob-stop-wearing-panerai.html Take his advice for what it is worth to you, but when it comes down to price:value, why buy a Hugo Boss of the watch world?
Of all of the "I'm new and looking to improve my wardrobe" threads, I find your thread the most compelling--so much so that I am actually going to respond. Gdot hit a lot of the nails on the head quite well, so I will use his as a base and just add my changes and insights. Shirts - depending on your budget, I think MTM is by far your best bet. Moderntailor has a great deal for new customers to let you get your fit down to a T. When it comes to shirts, which basically...
New Posts  All Forums: