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What a silly thread. By your rational, all cars are the same, including a Bugatti Veyron and Smart 2x4. After all, they have the same basic looks: the box (frame, car, etc), the engine, and the wheels. To use my own Zoolanderisms to retort to this. What is this? A thread for morons? The real thread needs to be at least....five times smarter.
This is all genuinely awful. The model in the slim fit stretch jean has some major moose knuckle going on.
I size down in length but stay at my normal C width.
This jacket could only work on someone who can walk into a room, command the room, and not be afraid to exemplify a "fuck you" look. For anyone who is overly conservative, timid, or otherwise shy, this will be a massive train wreck. I like it, but would not buy it as I personally would not get my money's worth out of it. OP, if you can easily afford it and know that you're only going to be able to pull it off at max 10-15 times per year, go for it IF you have the...
While I can't attest to the wide aspect as I am a 13 narrow, I can attest to the length aspect. I have found that about 7.8"-8.0" should give you enough room to be slim but not make me look like Sideshow Bob. Also, a shorter and/or longer vamp can also help make them look less aircraft carrier and more battleship. Try to avoid mid range vamps as it tends to cut the foot awkwardly. I'm surprised that you're running into issues with the Park Ave, but that's the width...
http://www.styleforum.net/t/263225/ic-allen-edmonds-mega-thread-is-back-nib-park-ave-fifth-ave-strand-mcallister-macneil-shell-cordovan-all-models-colors-sizes Support your fellow forum members.
So if a body builder stops lifting and drops 30-50 pounds, he is going to be the same size? You realize there are muscles, fat, structure, etc. This was an epic failure on your part.
Ed - price point for the scarves? I could use a new one.
This may be my second favorite Hermes tie behind the hungry hippos.
Take a photo of the tag; someone should be able to identify it from there.
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