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Lufty - I actually kind of like the tie. I don't think it works with a suit as there is A LOT going on; conversely, I think it would pair well underneath a sport coat and/or sweater. If you're a cardigan wearer, that would pair pretty well for a dressy/casual look for a night on the city.
I really like this look, sans the sleeves. Lapels are already getting wider, see Ralph Lauren's upcoming collections, as well as Tom Ford. My issue, as Spoo pointed out, is the enormous flap on the pockets. That is the first place that my eyes went to and it really takes away from an otherwise awesome sport coat. I'm not sure if a tailor could recut the pockets to be about half the size, but I'd do that if possible.
I'm not at liberty to discuss that. Get yellow. I think that would be gnarly.
I want to bump an old thread as I am considering ordering myself a pair. I have the problem that I have long fingers, small wrists, and a very small thumb, so gloves tend to fit me rather poorly. Does anyone have more recent experience with them in terms of durability and construction quality? In my searching, I see that one member photocopied his hand, which I will definitely do if I opt to order. Thanks all.
Excellent - I am listening to Brave New World as I read this.
PM allaboutshoes he has Park Ave as well as other Allen Edmonds, first quality, $249 shipped if I remember correctly.
Yes - see my thread bitching about it under new forum support.
http://cgi.ebay.com/ALLEN-EDMONDS-PLAYERS-SHOE-Oxfords-Dress-Mens-12-NEW-/120763867116?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item1c1e165fec#ht_1350wt_1037 Someone buy those Player's Shoes in a 12 D.
Those look like low snow boots and are insanely heinous. Though to answer your actual question, they're worth it if you'll be happy buying them. Worth = intrinsic.
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