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How does this guy still have an account?
Quote: Originally Posted by rayxlui I finally decided to get off my lazy bum and go thrifting and it kinda rewarded me. Picked up a Gieves and Hawkes shirt, has a smudge, but for 4 dollars it seemed worth it to try and get it out. Also picked up a Burberry bag and shirt as well and a Tumi bag. All for $20. Also so an Oxxford suit, excellent condition, but I didn't really want it. It was $30, if anyone wants it I could go pick it up...
Sorry to bump a REAAALLLY old thread, but I just picked up a pair today and have absolutely no idea what to wear with it. I've never had color issues before, wear yellow pants with no problem matching, yet seem to be lost here. I had the idea of navy in the store, but don't want to limit myself to solely one outfit, so any ideas would be welcome. Thanks!
Define large feet.
Price drop - $135
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter This
It's been interesting reading people's responses. For me, I think it's okay to offer advice when someone clearly needs it, as in the case if they're visibly struggling, or,when as others as others have said, when sales associates are taking advantage of, or offering terrible advice to neophyte/naive customers. For me, if there is a customer shopping who has a clear knowledge and sees me struggling/getting poor advice, I'd hope he/she would step in and offer some...
I don't think the birthday note is weird either. They developed a rapport, it was written in her client book, which she browses regularly. It was a nice sentiment, and she did her job quite well.
I was shopping for a suit this weekend and there was a couple who was a few feet away from me and really was struggling, clearly trying on sizes that were about 3 sizes too big, and genuinely not knowing what they were looking for. I offered some quick advice on fit, recommended trying a much smaller size and suggested a few brands that were better than what he was trying. They both seemed appreciative. So my question to my fellow SFers....do you ever offer...
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