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I want to give an unsolicited opinion as well. I have this particular laptop and absolutely love it. It is lightweight, portable, incredible graphics, and a very, very powerful machine for its size. I am not a gamer either, but do do a lot of video work and the graphics and colors are unparalleled. For anyone thinking about getting a new laptop who values portability and strength, this is perfect. I believe that we had one for sale on here about a year ago and it...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR I purchased a $300 sweater from Burberry because the store attendent had a sexy French accent. I think we have all done this at some point. I bought a pair of freaking true religions because I was into the sales associate....they were returned the next day. The downside? She turned out to be an idiot.
Does anyone from last year remember what shoes were and were not included and how much off they were? Trying to decide if I should keep my gift card and buy shoes from them or sell the gift card and buy shoes elsewhere.
OP - Allow me to chime in with more perspective as well. Despite what many will argue on here, the difference between a $300-$500 pair of shoes is relatively minor, and the price difference is all relative and subjective. I don't think anyone on here will argue the merits of say Allen Edmonds being a better shoe than Edward Green or Saint Crispin's. What people will argue is whether the EG is five times better than an Allen Edmonds; to some it is, to some it is not....
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos By "heavy," do you mean strong (nicotine content), or do you mean full-bodied (flavor profile)? The VI is strong. Very powerful stuff in that stick. The first one I smoked left me higher than a few bongs full of choice maryjane. Full bodied. I have smoked the Siglo I through V, but no luck with the VI. Hopefully I don't wind up getting blasted when I finally do as I will be somewhere that I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Nah its 8 US. Some view it as 8.5 US. Thank you, I actually knew that but was quite drunk when writing that.
Are you sure it is not 7E UK? That corresponds to a 6 B or C in US sizing
Quote: Originally Posted by sftiger Still happy to sell the BB card for $180. Also have an iTunes gift card for $50 that I'd sell for $43. Depending on how cheap the C&J monks get during the semi-annual sale, I may have interest in this. I have BB gift cards myself and am either buying the monks if they're cheap enough or selling my gift cards and buying a pair of AE.
Don Carlos, Thanks for the advice. I saw them on several sites but recognized their forgeries immediately. I haven't been out of the country since the Siglo VI became commonplace and haven't had the opportunity to try it. I have had the previous versions and love them all, though prefer the heaviness of the IV. I am going to be in Miami in August and presumably should be able to buy at least a few. I will also be in Europe from September through January, so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Where do I send it? The office of Helms-Burton? What?
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