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The pants are off. They are too full around the leg and slightly too long. I really like the coat--is it Isaia bamboo?Tobacco Man - The tie looks like Hermes
See ya.
I have found that Canali as a whole tends to run big, both in fullness and in length. I require a 32" BOC and can almost get away with a 38 R in Canali. Their standard length, from what I have seen, is about 31" BOC on 38 and 40.
It does not.
Yes, if this is a long, it was made for the Asian market. As beatle said, I wear a 40L and need a 32" BOC.
I want to bump an old thread in which I have participated as my tailor is currently on vacation and I need two pairs of pants altered: one is getting hemmed and tapered and one is getting hemmed with cuffs. I would normally just wait for him to get back into town but I am leaving for Milan next Thursday and need kind of a rush job. Can anyone suggest anyone who can deliver good results quickly and for a relatively decent price? I don't want to spend more than $40 on the...
The ineptitude of many of the responses in here is astounding; naturally, I will follow suit. I think a shoe manufacturer makes some Ralph Lauren shoes. Others, in fact, may just appear one day.
Holy crap. $300 for an exceptionally common and redundant bracelet? Get a beaded bracelet from Homer, buy a nicer watch, and emulate some SF members.http://www.styleforum.net/t/255416/handmade-bead-bracelets-made-to-measure-wood-horn-semiprecious-stones-coral
Cup - maybe look at the Etro paisley. It is almost a happy medium, and you can find some in a more subdued version, which is almost like a floral training wheels. The real difference between a floral print that is senior cruise worthy and SF worthy is the cut. Spoo's Dolce and Gabbana main line shirt is the blousiest I would recommend seeking. Conversely, if you go overly trim, it becomes too feminine. I was in Barbour the other day and saw a shirt that I really...
New Posts  All Forums: