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Updated with items sold and drops across the board. Quantity special: If you buy the 4 remaining size 52's, I'll do them for $225 delivered rather than the $250 it would be a la carte. If you buy the 3 remaining 50's, I'll do it for $175 delivered rather than $190 it would be a la carte.
Get canvas....it is extremely weather resistant, durable and most of all, it is machine washable. Sand + boat crud = destruction of high grade materials.
Since the weather is nice here, and the Flyers should take a 3-2 lead in the cup tonight, I'm feeling generous. Though 11:59 EST tomorrow night, take 5% off of each pant AND I'll cover the shipping charges (in the continental US).
Quote: Originally Posted by gradstudent I took the risk and purchased the suit. Definitely not an expert, but fit is great. Can you post fit pics? I was looking at these but ultimately passed.
Quote: Originally Posted by columbia92 Anybody noticed if Modern Tailor has changed the fabric that's on sales now? I could swear the fabric on sale a few days ago is different from what's on the website now. They often change every week. However, with the mid-day sale, they said that it would be 8 days long, half the fabric in Sale 1, the other half in Sale 2. From what I'm seeing, the good selection was in Sale 1.
I checked out the fabrics before work this morning at 8:30.....now at 6:40, over 2/3 are sold out. I'm glad I got my choice fabric and had some credit/vouchers. Not a bad choice for $28. Cross - No.: X304 looks excellent and I toyed with ordering it myself
I'll third Modern Tailor. I had my issues with them, but the product is great, and the customer service is better.
Quote: Originally Posted by royskeen That would suck. Hope there is a fire sale, though! http://www.hulu.com/watch/1296/arres...ment-fire-sale
Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland I've got a question about the 'gauntlet' or sleeve placket button - sorry if it's been asked before... Has anyone ever requested a specific measurement for the mid-forearm, or where the gauntlet button sits? I ask because I like to be able to leave this button done up for tension for the warm/busy/dirty occasions at work where I have to roll up my sleeves... if the circumference of the sleeve at this point is...
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