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Quote: Originally Posted by moderntailoremma We're announcing several promotions soon We're just waiting to finish the final inventory of all our fabrics. We added a bunch more... we're going up to 1000 fabrics... now with Sea Island... which is high quality. Btw, our thick MOP buttons for dress shirts have arrived and we'll put them up on our website soon. These thick MOP buttons are unbranded. Thanks. E ModernTailor Dress...
Musicguy - who have you used?
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Well said. Yes, especially in male teachers from what I see. Lets be honest, everyone values public education until they have to pay for it. I think people these days say they care about the quality of education, but only to be politically correct. The papers constantly bash teachers, and their unions, for anything and everything. Yet no one says the saem about police, fire, and even sanitation for...
I've really enjoyed reading this thread and the conflicting opinions going along with it. When I was in high school a few years ago, it was easy to differentiate the types of teachers. Often times the career teachers dressed much more casually, whereas the teachers who became teachers after working in the industry typically dressed better. I think a great every day look is what has already been mentioned. I'd say business semi-casual is your best way to...
The important question though--do you respect wood?
Great idea! I think you should also have a step by step measuring process as well for some people who are less comfortable with the full schematics.
Damn my differing nomenclature! Yes, they are flat front. To me, flat front is like a true chino - nothing.
Final drop to $65. As the weather gets warmer, especially those on the east coast who were subject to it hitting 85 today and 90 tomorrow, these are a great summer weight.
Drop to $70 delivered. These are being returned on Friday. I also have a basic khaki that I am considering moving....I think they're hitting me in strange spots.
If my pants sell, I might be interested in the greens. May I see a better picture?
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