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Hi all, For sale is a NWT size 50 Just Cavali clubbing style shirt. It's black with a velvet inlayed pattern on the front. I'm normally over in MC, but saw this and thought that I'd offer it over here as I really like the shirt. While it's tagged a 50 IT, I'd venture to say that it runs big and is closer to a 52. Measurements are available upon request...I seldom see them for shirts so I thought that I'd rather do it with request than find my measuring tape for no...
Was that the face for having moves like Jagger?
150 pairs of Kenneth Cole square toed shoes.
Is this 1996?
I'm going to give you an oversimplification. Think of the last as the frame, either for a car or for a house, and keep everything else consistent. Shoes all have the same elements: leather, heels, soles; however, the last is what separates the shape. The way to get to know the difference is really just by trial and error. I cannot attest to Tricker's as I am not a fan of their styling, nor am I of most of the premium English shoemakers. 9 Iron - the best thing is to...
Crusty, I always like your looks but my point of contention is always the same - I don't like you in a full overcoat (admittedly I'm not fully keen on them normally). I might have missed it earlier in the season, but have you ever posted a full sartorial photo with a car coat? I think that I'd really prefer you in one.
I don't remember all of them, but last summer the PA (black only), Strand, and Player's Shoe were all $199. They tend to always do the PA and rotate the rest.
I nominate this guy for best new member question. He seems genuinely interested and appreciative, unlike many of the others who ask similar questions.
I was thinking more on the lines of a sartorial change for the nutcracker.
If I'm going to get proven wrong, at least it's by Hector Salamanca. Just don't be surprised when I offer you all a celebratory tequila and excuse myself to use the restroom....
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