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Here is a WILD question? Which one fits you better?
You transposed the lasts.The Strand is on the 5 last and the Boston is the one on the 0 last. As for the pricing conundrum, they are routinely part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale, but that ended a month ago. SF user allaboutshoes has all models of AE for a great price in first quality. If you are willing to accept seconds, email the shoe bank at Allen Edmonds and ask for a list of shoes in your size on the 5 last. If you're not a terribly uncommon size, you should...
I saw these yesterday and they are quite poor. The fabric was very rough, most were fused with a thicker chest plate, and the styling was just poor.
That is the proper length of a jacket...for a woman.
The only things that fit you on that suit are pant length and jacket length; everything else is massive.
Thanks guys. I have no experience with any type of Zegna as they all are enormously big for me in the shoulders.
For 40R wearers in the Philadelphia area, there are two excellent suits at LCNM at Franklin Mills. There is one Kiton in a mid-range grey for about $1500 and an Oxxford 1220 in an air force blue. It was my first time handling the Oxxford 1220 and I came away very impressed. The fit is excellent, but very short.
Really?What do you wear when it is cold and you're at home? Not going to lie--I have worn a cashmere v-neck with basketball shorts at home when cold before, but that is rare. My one and only one hoodie is totally SF approved. 2008 Phillies WFC sweatshirt.
The RL mansion is worth seeing. 75th and Madison if I remember my cross streets correctly.
Crusty - You look like an evil genius with the goatee. I somehow see you sitting there, sipping cognac, and planing on how to extort money from the poor and kill children.
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