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The 7 last is narrower in the toe box than the 5 last, which runs overall narrower.
Fortunately, I know that I have a narrow foot, but after many emails back and forth between the seller and I, who was wonderful about the process, I decided to take the gamble. I can only wear a few lasts because of my heel and almost always have issues with loafers/monks because of it. My toe box is normal width but my heel is very small.I'm a 12 or 13 C in almost every shoe and every last, but can somehow wear Santoni 12 D and not run into issues. Damn feet.
Hopefully bumping this for an answer.
After reading every thread on loafers being too wide in the heel and not getting conclusive results, I wanted to create a unique thread and hopefully get an answer. I bought a pair of loafers from a member here and I really love them. The problem is that they're quite wide for me in the heel - read, if walking, my foot slides out of them. I don't want to relist them unless absolutely necessary. I know that I have the option of putting something in the heel, but how...
I wear mine to class probably every other week or so and routinely get compliments.
If still made by Belvest, they are great quality but price inflated based on the Prada name. You said the most important things though - you love it and it fits you well, so the opinions shouldn't really matter!
Since you wrote a lot, far too much actually, I am going to take the time to respond. You will be lucky to get half of your want list on your budget, so act accordingly. Your first purchase should be shoes. The bigger entry level shoes here are Allen Edmonds and Loake. Each brand is going to have its pros and its cons, as well as its supporters and detractors. AE is the most readily available brand, so I'd get yourself properly fitted immediately, email the shoebank...
Phew. Another Allen Edmonds thread....I thought we were going to miss the every ten minutes requirement as per the forum rules.
I must say....this is one of my favorite near text only pages on this site in quite some time.
One of my favorites that I've seen of yours.
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