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Thanks guys. Some good advice and some less good advice. I was debating bringing my overcoat or not, and think that I will leave it at home. It can always get shipped to me if need be. Conversely, I am bringing my navy Mackintosh jacket, which I hope will offer ample weather protection as it is both warm and waterproof. Max, is this a style adopted by Italians? Shoes wise, I am bringing probably 7, 4 of which are walnut, which is quintessentially Italian I...
It depends on the item. There is a particular sweater that fits me perfectly, which is hard to find. It has long enough arms, while being slim enough in the body and long enough in length to cover my 6'4" frame. I bought it in 7 colors. I think others have hit the nail on the head in that it has to be a staple item. The sweaters for me are a 100% cashmere v-neck that isn't going out anytime soon.
You don't look like you have a particularly long torso and with your size measurements, a long seems unnecessary. I think you should be looking for suits that tend to run longer than most. I'd say you need a 31" BOC, which is a long in some, and a regular in others. From a fit perspective, a 42R Paul Smith should probably work well for you. Quality wise is is solid, yet unspectacular. It is miles ahead of your Hugo Boss. As others mentioned, I don't think RLBL...
Hello all: Let me apologize for ANOTHER thread on Italy as it seems the first two pages of MC are littered with them. I have read through all of the existing threads on Milan, so I have that pretty much covered, but welcome repeat suggestions. Let me give you a brief introduction on me. I am a college student here stateside in Philly where I am a double major in international business and marketing. I also took a few years off, so I am a bit older than my peers,...
Take the train over to Jersey. The sales tax difference should be enormous.
Quote: Originally Posted by bilge316 I am not an expert. I've usually seen the 1220 being advertised as being modern/slim cut. Owning both 1220 and RLBL (44R for both). The RLBL is slightly slimmer fitting, but not by much. I didn't have any major alterations on either one (only sleeve length). I know my 1220 is 19.5" sh and 23" ch. Another great source for 1220's on ebay is topshelfapparel (also has a solid return...
From what I have seen of the 1220, the shape is vastly different from the other two. The shoulders are quite strong and measure a bit wide, and the chest is slim, but not RLBL slim. On my size 40, the typical measurements of a 1220 are 19" shoulders, 43" chest; conversely, RLBL is 18.25" shoulders and 41" chest.
You have narrower feet than I do (13C) and I have tried several C&J lasts, all of which are too wide for even me. I also have been loafer shopping and was impressed with the styling on the following Alden: http://aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProdu...ageID=&Action= And since it is on the Aberdeen last, it will be inherently narrow. They're not suede, but I fancy the style.
You have been here long enough to know how to use a search. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=109659 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=93692 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=173651
This has been one of the more interesting threads of the year. I expected Alden and C&J to runaway with this.
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