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Depending on your body shape, there are some good and some less good options. Tony Romo hit the nail on the head regarding Black Label; a lot of people try to make it work as it is a forum darling, yet most look ridiculous in it. For reference, Tony Romo and I are the same size and similar measurements if I remember correctly, so we would give you the same RLBL recommendation. If you're able to fit the Fitzgerald well, I have really been impressed with what I have seen...
It has been a while since I've seen them in person, but I seem to remember Marc Guyot shoes being goodyear welted and I absolutely love them as a fashion shoe.
I hope the store paid for your new sleeves - did they? I also echo other sentiment about expressing my condolences of suits.
GQ JUST told him, so he's a little late to the party.
Safe to say there might be a virtual free for all for those shoes.
Cool story bro.
Are you self-laundering on cold with woolite? If not, you should be.
Like this a lot but I would recommend switching to a deeper v undershirt.
Not going to lie...I double checked to make sure that wasn't my photo. I often wear this exact look though with normally solid red socks.
Barker Black is their attempt to compete with the high end British makers. It is a joint venture between Barker and I forget the other maker; In my opinion, it fails miserably in terms of design and quality for the price they charge.
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