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I actually had this conversation with a coworker yesterday. If you look at it rationally, the justification explains itself. Your foot contains 25% of the bones in your body, supports your entire frame and is what essentially allows you to move. If you do not properly support it, and that includes wearing shoes that are the proper width, proper length, and the proper shape, the following occur: foot problems, back problems, and knee problems. This of course...
Not really sure of my budget. Thanks.
Jil Sander is made by Pal Zileri
Quote: Originally Posted by Big A I'm not sure why AE's garner all the hate around here. Too easy to find, I guess. A lot of the designs are really, REALLY ugly. That said, a lot of the classic dress shoes are the best price:value ratio you're going to find available in shoes, with which many posters will agree. I wear a 13 B or C in dress shoes, which is incredibly difficult to find, especially in the B; I love that Allen Edmonds...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Waiting for this to pop up in my size on ebay Would you like to live vicariously through me and purchase me the one on ebay? It is my size.
Try to find a Corneliani on sale in a 40R. Your measurements fall in line pretty much perfectly with their structure, aka big shoulders, trim but not slim.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Those veins are ridiculous. What do you expect, he has been busted for steroids and advocates HGH.
The most important thing for you to do before selecting a tailor is to look at that tailor's portfolio. More often than not, tailors will try to accommodate your wishes, but will default to his own work as well. Try to mesh your wishes with his previous work to ensure you're going to get what you're looking for.
Your pants are too tight when your ears bleed, never before. That said, they look bad on you. They're far too long and you need a darker, more tapered wash. They look like a bootcut, which should not be worn (save for with boots) beyond freshman year of college.
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