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As a college student, sales associate at a retail establishment, and a complete asshole, I have had no problem telling off the overly smug and contentious people like you. There are going to be sales associates who are overly pushy, and that is when you have to establish boundaries; conversely, you will have sales associates who completely ignore you. It balances out. As a personal story.....it was gorgeous here the other day, so I went into a number of stores. I...
These were leftover from my last sale and I'm looking to trade these for something in my size or sell them. Size 52 Blue/White Striped Seersucker pattern 100% Cotton. Tags wholly in tact on the interior and exterior Actual Waist: 18.25" Thigh: 13.25 Leg opening: 7.8" Inseam: Factory hemmed at 34" My sizes: 40L jacket 38 Shirt 34 Pants 13C shoes I'll also trade for gift cards to retailers that you're not going to use/gilt credit/ruelala...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Stupid question: did you lose weight? Nope - I have been between 180-185 for the past 5 years. Even if so, it would have to be an enormous weight loss to gain such room in the chest; I carry a majority of my weight in the midsection, so I typically can do MAX drop 7, and often have to let those out as well since my legs are so thin. It was the weirdest thing. I've tried on the Gregory before and had to...
For all Isaia experts, are the cuts of the suits getting fuller? I tried on two Base S suits today, which usually require the waist to be let out and pants hemmed as the only alterations; today, however, everything was completely off. The shoulders were at least an inch too big, the chest had to measure to at least 45" and the supposedly 32" pants were big for my size 34" waist. I checked the internal tag, and sure enough it was still a Base S 50L Drop 8. So are...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^^ eee-SIGH-ah. Accent needs to be in the middle of the world to get the true Italian pronunciation
Received this today
Add the pocket square, you need to get some color into the second outfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Florian Gray Thanks Sanguis. You've been very helpful in both my recent threads. Ich-Dien - Any other shops that would sell this for cheaper? Maybe RL? This was very in this past winter, which means that prices are going to be artificially inflated. Of all of the ones done, I thought Burberry did it best.
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