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Any chance that you can get the SB peak lapel in a 40L?
I purchased a suit from Gilt that was advertised as Corallo Rosso and received C'è Luca instead. Wow, where do I begin? First off, I am furious over the bait and switch and have contacted Gilt regarding this. Corallo rosso, when it first came out, was unbelievable. The construction and the fit were on par with Isaia Base V. The wool was of a lesser softness and finess, which for me was ideal, as I am not a big timer and am a college student. Do I really need a...
Hi all, I am in need of a suit. I am a college student and would prefer new over gently worn. I am a perfect fit for the RLBL Anthony in a 40L, so that should give you some indication of my build beyond my measurements. Navy or Charcoal preferably. I may be willing to play with my budget a little bit for RLBL as it is perfect for me. What I need: Jacket: SH - 18" CH - 20.5" BOC - 32" SL - 25" Pant: W - 34" Ins - 31.5" LO - No greater than...
I have over 30 pairs of Mabitex and only ever had an issue with 1. Admittedly, it was a huge issue as the rip was about 14 inches. Thank god it happened getting into my car, which just required me to go inside and change. The pants that ripped were part of the sartoriole line in wool/silk. I have many wools, blends, cottons, hemp, etc.
I tried on those Rossi monks and would agree that they run very big for any interested buyers. They're a great shoe in a very difficult style to obtain here in the States.
I'm game if we want to do a later meet-up.
What is the width on the Charleston size 12?
What is the last like on the white wingtips? I am a 13C but can sometimes manage a 12D. Thanks
If this falls through, PM me.
I might be interested in the suit. I will follow up with you later.
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