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The difference is that most MEN on this forum have innate style whereas people like you read about style and try to imitate. I'm putting 2:1 odds on you having worn Abercrombie polos with the collar popped.
Drops on the remaining shirts, removed sold pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Those are some short legs. If you wear your pants with no break, they're quite proportional.
How are you built and how long are your legs? I am 6'4" and wear a 32" inseam in wool and 33" in cotton pants.
The title says it all. I am cleaning out my closet and realize there is stuff that hasn't been worn in a year. I'd like to unload all of this so that I can get a few new things. I'll gladly provide individual measurements on everything, but since there is a decent amount and it is all pre-owned, I'd rather do it on request than initially; photos are also available of individual items. Shipping will be between $5-$10 depending on how much you purchase and where you...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy They need to open a store in Philadelphia, forget about UWS. Seconded. Frequent C21 shoppers- it has been a while since I have been there. I was thinking about heading up to NYC in a week or two, is it worth it to stop back in?
I would like to add my love with the OP as well, seeing as how we are very close in size. I wear a 40L, but maintain a 40L in Black Label. The only fit that is comparable, at least in my experience, is a Base V by Isaia; I'm 24 and can't afford Isaia right now. Maybe when I'm in Italy next year and can perhaps get it for cheaper I will grab one. I will assume the OP and I are built similarly, so the fit is absolutely ideal. They obviously only come out with a few...
The fabric is nailhead....and that suit is hideous.
I have a few outfits that I wear with my yellow pants. They are a fairly soft, pastel yellow which really opens up my options. I wear it often times with a white/blue check shirt and suede loafers. I'm going to get chastised for this, but oh well, I'm a bigger proponent of style than fashion. I wear them a lot with a pair of black sandals, rolled to mid ankle and a black polo; the contrast between the three layers works quite well. I have found that I am able to...
FWIW - I'm sure a lot of members on here would be willing to proxy for you for a marginal fee since Alden is readily available here throughout a variety of mediums . If you're looking at around 750 euros for a pair of Aldens that are likely shell, today's currency conversion has you spending $957.03. That same pair would sell in the States for $550-$600; assume an international shipping fee to you of $40-$50. So we'll roughly say that a pair of shell Aldens in the...
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