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Holy crap. $300 for an exceptionally common and redundant bracelet? Get a beaded bracelet from Homer, buy a nicer watch, and emulate some SF members.http://www.styleforum.net/t/255416/handmade-bead-bracelets-made-to-measure-wood-horn-semiprecious-stones-coral
Cup - maybe look at the Etro paisley. It is almost a happy medium, and you can find some in a more subdued version, which is almost like a floral training wheels. The real difference between a floral print that is senior cruise worthy and SF worthy is the cut. Spoo's Dolce and Gabbana main line shirt is the blousiest I would recommend seeking. Conversely, if you go overly trim, it becomes too feminine. I was in Barbour the other day and saw a shirt that I really...
I have one Paul Smith one that I absolutely love. The ebay link below is the one that I own, but not my listing as mine is hanging in my closet. I tend to wear it with a pair of either yellow or pink pants. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Paul-Smith-Faded-Black-Floral-Mens-LS-Button-Up-Shirt-M-/220834374597?pt=US_CSA_MC_Shirts&hash=item336ac123c5#ht_3176wt_1037
While you'll be hard pressed to find it for much cheaper than the Kiton, Brioni did a rust sport coat over several seasons. It also has a more contemporary cut than the Kiton.
From what I have seen in the thread, I really like what is provided by Mina at Napoli Su Misura. http://www.styleforum.net/t/207054/my-visit-to-napoli-mina-napoli-su-misura http://www.napolisumisura.com/
Remember when people used to use their dicks for pissing contests and not their keyboards? Good times.
I really like the look of my AE Charleston and Strand (both in walnut) with a pair of dark denim.
So you are wearing squared toe boots in the summer? Interesting.
OP - disregard every word written by Dutchtiger. If you're looking for a suit because you WANT to, your choices are going to be wildly different than if you HAVE to. This forum is for the former, not the latter, and you're going to get advice commensurate with that. If you are doing this because you have to do so, this forum is not right for you. For $1500, if you are the right fit, I'd go for the Benjamin suit provided by our very own eHaberdasher.com. They're $495 a...
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