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The most important thing for you to do before selecting a tailor is to look at that tailor's portfolio. More often than not, tailors will try to accommodate your wishes, but will default to his own work as well. Try to mesh your wishes with his previous work to ensure you're going to get what you're looking for.
Your pants are too tight when your ears bleed, never before. That said, they look bad on you. They're far too long and you need a darker, more tapered wash. They look like a bootcut, which should not be worn (save for with boots) beyond freshman year of college.
Hi guys, I just ordered this from Yoox recently and despite some intense back and forth between they and I, it has finally arrived. Unfortunately, it is FAR too large on me, and exceptionally short. Please note, you should be 6'1" or below to wear this, or have a very short torso. The belt is right around the top of my belly button, which obviously won't fly This is Marc Jacobs Mainline, made in Italy. 84% Virgin Wool, 13% PA, 3% Elastane, single vent in the...
Truthfully, I wouldn't be surprised. I work at BR and in the employee magazine, I went through with a pen and circled every pant that fit incorrectly....in a 4 page spread, I had 10 circles.
I love paisley, but it all depends on the person wearing it. If the person is a quiet, kind of reserved person, the paisley looks incredibly out of place. I've worn bold paisley with a suit before and received many, many compliments. However, I'm also tall, fairly skinny, and have a very bold personality, so it hardly looked out of place.
Whenever I cashier, I always ask if anyone offered them help rather than gave them help. More often than not, someone tries and offers but I don't want/need it; the employees should not be penalized for me being independent.
As others have said on here, Boyd's is a bit of a mixed bag. You're going to get much better prices than most comparable places, especially in Philly. The salesmen work on commission, which makes them incredibly aggressive. I have received the snarky looks before when wearing casual clothing....I was coming home from class, am I really going to wear more than jeans and a button down? I had one salesman give me a bit of a bs runaround, and when I called him on the...
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL This comment was necessary because...? Did you consider whether this might be the OP's wife/GF/friend? Yes, the internetz are anonymous, but they need not be heartless or cruel where undeserving. That's Reese Witherspoon.....
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I hope he is not shopping in Compton or South Philadelphia. Just want to correct you...South Philadelphia is fine, it is just a very Italian neighborhood. North Philadelphia and to a lesser extend, West Philadelphia is where the sales associate will likely pull out his glock and respond with his version of what's up motherfucker?
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