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These. IIRC these are Spoo's, correct? I remember that I saved the photos to my computer when he first posted them as I loved them and wanted something similar, so it's nice to see here.
To the guys with more experience with Meermin, how is the general fit? I have the image of lasts but can anyone liken some of the narrower lasts to another maker?
Big improvement over the every day work clothing.
true to size.
Love the fit with the hat and scarf...loathe the Forza Napoli scarf in your classroom.
I echo the lavender sentiments and actually prefer it to blue in many cases.
I don't mind the slimmer lapels as it is following a linear ascendancy with its styling. It was very mid 1970's inspired and is now late 70's-1980's inspired. The colors and the shapes, especially of the more casual clothing, is spot-on and gorgeous.
I presume that the answer is yes as I don't think that I've seen you say no yet, but am I able to specify second button position? I've been looking to dump Modern Tailor for a while now and the reviews/photos are quite impressive.
You shouldn't ask for advice and then get petulant when you receive if. If you're merely looking for validation for your choices, ask a small child.
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