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Coin should have some of it too; you'll just likely be paying more.
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff $1,200...? Easy.... hookers and blow. Snap polaroids to make memories last forever. Son of a bitch, I was just about to post that. Glad I read the responses before responding. +1
Price on the neon RLPL? I have a feeling it is out of my budget, but curious nonetheless.
Most importantly, if you're discussing Kiton, make sure you're saying it right. Far too often people pronounce it with American annunciation versus Italian, and it just makes people sound very ignorant.
PSA to anyone looking for Golden Fleece suits. There are a lot in 42S, and some other random sizes at the Brooks factory store at Philadelphia Premium Outlets, some solids, some stripes, some double breasted. $599 less 40% this week.
Are you able to get Italian Cypress?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker White TV fold, linen. Cant lose with nearly anything. Do NOT do blue or orange. Unless he is a UF booster attending a fundraiser.
Quote: Originally Posted by DStew Do you guys routinely find good deals on 40L's? I am the opposite (a definite 40L and not 40R) and I have a bitch of a time finding 40L at most places much less finding them discounted. Seconded; I have tried to rationalize that a 40R on ridiculously cheap items is acceptable, which it never is. I'm 6'4", so it can look comical at times.
Nevermind-reread your post and made a stupid comment
Almost anything around Via Montenapoleone or the entire golden quadrilateral for that matter, is going to be priced fairly high as many tourists flock there, though still in the low-season you shouldn't be completely gouged. Think 5th Ave or Rodeo Drive in the States. It is tough without knowing how you're cut. I would recommend Boggi, which is comparable to Brooks Brothers and should be on the very low end of your budget. Other stores to try: Al Bazar, Doriani,...
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