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Are those Cantarelli shoes from Yoox? Had considered picking up a pair, but seeing your more detailed photos gives me greater apprehension.
Namor and I are almost the same size. In a related story, USC has bludgeoned Namor and ran off with his new boots.
That microphone looks like a popsicle. Mario Mandzukic looks so insanely uncomfortable there...
The. One. That. Fits. You. Best.
Lampard is peacocking and Andrea Pirlo's hair is already free flowing in shoot.
I attended the final day last year in Ardmore and wore chinos, a polo, and rubber soled monk straps, which let me walk the course without damaging better shoes or needing to wear to sneakers. That said, as GBR said, your corporate tent affects how you should dress yourself.
Likewise. As far as value proposition goes, Cantarelli is one of the best in the world, but I am far too tall (6'4" 193 CM) to wear anything that the company produces, which is too bad. I really love the construction and the shape, but I would need like a double extra long to even be close.
^ I quote Harry Kalas here and apply it to you: DWFII, you are the man! Honestly, thank you. Your post is now a document living on my hard drive.
Styleforum + Yakov Smirnoff = Win
That was necessary....did your tangent give you some sort of cathartic rush? I would have been willing to assist, but I'm done. Best of luck in your search.
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