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Shoutout to Gabriel who was super responsive today on email when I proved that I don't know how to use the internet. I entered wrong billing information. Twice. A few awesome pieces in the odd stock section for anyone interested. Kopped a pair of Carminas for a steal. These Bonafe shoes look lovely for anyone who's a 10.5 UK http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/odd-stock/products/manolo-x-skoaktiebolaget-by-enzo-bonafe
What do we think of the design of this Fabergé? Know the company is going big into the timepiece world.
Am I missing something?
This sounds like a YouTube show, so let's make it. Come talk all things sartorial on Crusty's Couch.
Tie Loafers Suede Tan - size 11 (1) Could be interested depending on the last. Probably uetam since they're string loafers?
Another 6. Did we land on longer jackets overall?
Purchased this on Ebay for myself, but it had highly inaccurate measurements. My loss. Your gain. Retail was $2500. For your viewing pleasure is an absolutely gorgeous lightweight overcoat from Cifonelli. The cloth is 100% cashmere in a classic tan with subtle prince of wales pattern. It's half lined with silk, and this jacket could very easily be a spring through autumn workhorse. Jacket features a zipper and button closure, and it has an internal elastic drawstring to...
Was curious to who would be making for Cifo, and I can live with Partenopea. The construction quality is top-notch, and they really nailed the Cifo shoulder. @Jompso - is that the navy single button peak lapel sport coat?
Do we agree that new Cifonelli RTW is Partenopea?
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