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Isn't that just velcro?
This thread got all lifestyley. I like it!
Glad someone bought that last plain OTC peacock in a large. I was feeling badly for it sitting there by itself.
For your sartorial pleasure is a NWT Barneys house label suit made with incredible super 130s Loro Piana cloth. I'm iffy on the fit (length), so listing it here to see if someone wants it more than me either through a sale or a trade. Might wind up keeping it, but let's chat.
Gents, took a chance on a Corneliani suit on Yoox, and the fit just doesn't work for me. Am offering it at cost + shipping, otherwise will just return it Sunday before I head out. Solid charcoal three roll 2.5 suit in a gorgeous extrafine virgin wool. Own a few Corneliani pieces, and the cloth on this is tops. I'll take actual measurements tomorrow morning, but would ballpark at: Shoulders: 18.5 BOC: 33.5 P2P: 21.5 Sleeve: 27
Same boat as you with narrow heels, feet and low instep. If you go to another Carmina last, go alcudia. Should fit as well as Simpson.
Agree for the most part. I've seen some exceptional pieces at 39mm that wear and look smaller, so I'd put that at the situationally dependent size. Anything larger is, as you noted, casual.
Eat a lot of fish and chips with beer. Follow it up with coffee. Perfect recipe for a shitmaker
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