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Quote: Originally Posted by Secondh3artbeat I believe that's what it's called is a "bullet strap belt" or a "bullet belt". Anyway, it's pretty self explanatory, it's a belt with bullets on it. I was wondering if anyone knew where to buy one? (shops, online, doesn't matter.) 1992
I would go for a light-to-mid grey. Sounds like the consensus two are either light/mid grey or grey POW.
Interesting as this was the email that I received last week after emailing several people at AE about this. Someone is wrong. Quote: Thank you for your interest in our Allen-Edmonds Shoes. At this time we have no plans to bring in a double monk strap shoe. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any further questions please call toll free 800.235.2348 and speak with one of our representatives. Sincerely, Name Allen Edmonds Shoe...
While it is probably well above your price range, even on B&S, you might be able to wear BBBF well. It is comically short on most people, but could very well fit you normally. I am not familiar enough with their sizing to discuss what a 0 or 1 correlates to in measurements and BOC.
Quote: Originally Posted by JDMills .... bringing back the Mora God that would be a good day. But what was the problem if you dont mind us asking? I have been strategically emailing them regarding this consistently this year. Every time I see them available still leftover in a store I perk up....and then die a little inside when they're never my size. If we get enough people to contact them, they will realize they're missing a golden...
What has caught me most about this thread is the complete hyperbole associated with AE. They're like a Toyota? Right. I would agree with Lexus as a claim, as AE, like Lexus, is an entry level into the premium marketplace. Allen Edmonds is a premium brand Edward Green, John Lobb, et al. are luxury brands The two are not the same product, not the same target consumer, not even in the same realm of similarity.
I bought these with a coupon and they are unfortunately far too wide for my shoes. I am just looking to recoup my initial outlay. $25 + shipping. They are a size 46, which I was hoping would work despite my narrow feet. I would put these about 4 levels above Woodlore and 3 levels behind lasted trees. Rather disappointed that they did not work, but I could see that my shoes were stretching after 20 seconds. Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I presume that the...
Your chest measurement seems extremely off, as do your shoulder measurements. I measure a 40" chest and fit a 39 in even the slimmest of Brooks Brothers cuts. There's no way that a 36.5" corresponds to a 39 jacket. Once the measurements are retaken, I might be interested in this.
Find the Allen Edmonds guy on the B&S forum as his prices seem excellent. I am likely to be ordering from him myself over the next several days. I would get yourself to the AE store in NY and get yourself properly measured and their recommendations for which last would be best on you.
The shoulders are too wide, as others said, but it is passable, unlike your other, which was as everyone noted, an abomination and a complete do-over. I believe it to be that the shoulders are too structured for your frame--my guess is that you have a sloping shoulder. When you are in a position to purchase your new suit, make sure to look at ones with natural shoulders, as overly structured ones are a big no-no for your cut. I have the exact opposite problem that...
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