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Safe to say there might be a virtual free for all for those shoes.
Cool story bro.
Are you self-laundering on cold with woolite? If not, you should be.
Like this a lot but I would recommend switching to a deeper v undershirt.
Not going to lie...I double checked to make sure that wasn't my photo. I often wear this exact look though with normally solid red socks.
Barker Black is their attempt to compete with the high end British makers. It is a joint venture between Barker and I forget the other maker; In my opinion, it fails miserably in terms of design and quality for the price they charge.
This is all about foot shape and best fit. I can only comment on my own personal experience with the lasts, which is individual to my own foot shape.I am a perfect 12 C on the 5 last...I have never had a shoe fit me as well as does that last. I can wear it for hours and still feel completely comfortable, which is why I try to buy as much as possible on it.Conversely, I wear a 12 D on the 7 last...don't ask me how that works, but only buy the 7 if I REALLY like the shoe. ...
Thank you.I wear Strands, PA, McAllisters, and the like with denim quite regularly.That's just pompous. I don't think there is anything to say beyond that. So if someone is into fashion and style, takes an entry level job, he should not own dress shoes that he can rotate? I did not realize that style was conditional upon salary....
That would be phenomenal. I'd buy that brand in a heartbeat just for the champagne.
Côte d'Azur as well...it is very common there. This is quite an old thread, so rather than getting into it with any of the previous posters, I will second the suggestion of loafer socks. Make sure to get good ones though as the round only ones tend to show which just looks trashy.
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