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Take the train over to Jersey. The sales tax difference should be enormous.
Quote: Originally Posted by bilge316 I am not an expert. I've usually seen the 1220 being advertised as being modern/slim cut. Owning both 1220 and RLBL (44R for both). The RLBL is slightly slimmer fitting, but not by much. I didn't have any major alterations on either one (only sleeve length). I know my 1220 is 19.5" sh and 23" ch. Another great source for 1220's on ebay is topshelfapparel (also has a solid return...
From what I have seen of the 1220, the shape is vastly different from the other two. The shoulders are quite strong and measure a bit wide, and the chest is slim, but not RLBL slim. On my size 40, the typical measurements of a 1220 are 19" shoulders, 43" chest; conversely, RLBL is 18.25" shoulders and 41" chest.
You have narrower feet than I do (13C) and I have tried several C&J lasts, all of which are too wide for even me. I also have been loafer shopping and was impressed with the styling on the following Alden: http://aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProdu...ageID=&Action= And since it is on the Aberdeen last, it will be inherently narrow. They're not suede, but I fancy the style.
You have been here long enough to know how to use a search. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=109659 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=93692 http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=173651
This has been one of the more interesting threads of the year. I expected Alden and C&J to runaway with this.
This really depends on the shape of your foot. I don't have much experience with Church's, as I think it is probably the most overpriced shoe one can find, I will focus on C&J and AE. Unfortunately I will have to use myself as the referential criteria. The Park Ave is on the 5 last, which is very slim fitting, and typically runs about .5-1 size longer. Their description of the last is truly on point "best for someone with a long, narrow foot." If this isn't you, the...
Buying your tux is the best possible advice. http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop...1_10050_101786 That is a forum favorite with classic styling. If you wear the tuxedo twice, you're in a better position than renting.
$100 Brooks Brothers gift card. Will either trade for close value to another store or sell. Please PM offers. Don't really have an idea of trading in mine. If it is a sale, it is for a pair of AE from allaboutshoes or for a pair of seconds during the ongoing tent sale. I also have no problem keeping this and buying something during thee sale next week, so please don't low ball me.
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