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There is like a 27 page thread dedicated to St. Crispins pr0n. I looked through it and lamented being a student.
I saw this in NYC yesterday and the coloring of the shoe on the website is NOWHERE near the coloring of the real shoe. The shoe also came in a gorgeous walnut that I would have purchased if it came in my width that seems to not be listed online. The walnut is typical AE walnut with a darker antiquing and burnishing on the toe.
I agree with everything that was said. There were a few sellers whom I know always carried my incredibly tough to find size and I could get great deals from.
Can you post or PM measurements on the 38L?
Quote: Originally Posted by werdswerf Can anyone compare the sizing on the MacNeils to the Park Aves? I've tried on a pair of Park Aves at Nordstrom and know I'm a 9.5D in that shoe, but I'd really like a nice longwing ... just wondering how to size them. It depends on your heel and toebox more than anything. I go a size down in length on the 5 and stick with my normal width. Most tend to go one width up and one size down in length. I...
Might I recommend a dark green that is almost black? I have wanted to punch Spoo and steal his shoes even though they are not my size since seeing the photos....
I would love to pick up some Italian Cypress. Let me know what you'd like.
Flip flops are beach and beach like activity only. Conversely, a nice, leather sandal is perfectly acceptable, if one takes care of his feet. Everyone's go to suiting brand creator and director Gianluca Isaia agrees. Quote: You don't always have to wear wing tips with suits. In the summer, I wear sandals, handmade in Capri, to make my suits a little less dramatic. As long as you wear something naturally, it can never lose its elegance. There is...
Thanks guys. Some good advice and some less good advice. I was debating bringing my overcoat or not, and think that I will leave it at home. It can always get shipped to me if need be. Conversely, I am bringing my navy Mackintosh jacket, which I hope will offer ample weather protection as it is both warm and waterproof. Max, is this a style adopted by Italians? Shoes wise, I am bringing probably 7, 4 of which are walnut, which is quintessentially Italian I...
It depends on the item. There is a particular sweater that fits me perfectly, which is hard to find. It has long enough arms, while being slim enough in the body and long enough in length to cover my 6'4" frame. I bought it in 7 colors. I think others have hit the nail on the head in that it has to be a staple item. The sweaters for me are a 100% cashmere v-neck that isn't going out anytime soon.
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