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Does anyone from last year remember what shoes were and were not included and how much off they were? Trying to decide if I should keep my gift card and buy shoes from them or sell the gift card and buy shoes elsewhere.
OP - Allow me to chime in with more perspective as well. Despite what many will argue on here, the difference between a $300-$500 pair of shoes is relatively minor, and the price difference is all relative and subjective. I don't think anyone on here will argue the merits of say Allen Edmonds being a better shoe than Edward Green or Saint Crispin's. What people will argue is whether the EG is five times better than an Allen Edmonds; to some it is, to some it is not....
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos By "heavy," do you mean strong (nicotine content), or do you mean full-bodied (flavor profile)? The VI is strong. Very powerful stuff in that stick. The first one I smoked left me higher than a few bongs full of choice maryjane. Full bodied. I have smoked the Siglo I through V, but no luck with the VI. Hopefully I don't wind up getting blasted when I finally do as I will be somewhere that I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Nah its 8 US. Some view it as 8.5 US. Thank you, I actually knew that but was quite drunk when writing that.
Are you sure it is not 7E UK? That corresponds to a 6 B or C in US sizing
Quote: Originally Posted by sftiger Still happy to sell the BB card for $180. Also have an iTunes gift card for $50 that I'd sell for $43. Depending on how cheap the C&J monks get during the semi-annual sale, I may have interest in this. I have BB gift cards myself and am either buying the monks if they're cheap enough or selling my gift cards and buying a pair of AE.
Don Carlos, Thanks for the advice. I saw them on several sites but recognized their forgeries immediately. I haven't been out of the country since the Siglo VI became commonplace and haven't had the opportunity to try it. I have had the previous versions and love them all, though prefer the heaviness of the IV. I am going to be in Miami in August and presumably should be able to buy at least a few. I will also be in Europe from September through January, so I...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Where do I send it? The office of Helms-Burton? What?
Find a good charity and donate those shoes as they are genuinely awful. Buy new shoes. Walnut is a great color to wear with a suit in that color and you will look very Italian.
Got an email today that the Sanford is being brought back and available now. Pricing is the standard $325, though they are starting the reintroduction price of $279. For those who are unaware, as I was, it is on the 7...
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