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I actually didn't find it at either store and wound up finding it, of all places, on my street. Most local cobblers or key places have it. I'll PM you the address.
The gold standard for green shoes is still Spoo's G&G
Thanks for the PSA! I just sent a message to a friend in Belgium.
Some of these shoes are simply gorgeous. Am I the only one who sees a lot of Marc Guyot in the design?
Someone's dog used Lobb's as a chew toy.
Double Post
G&G. I know that I am in the extreme minority, but I find most EG shoes boring.
Yes...it looks like your foot is about to snap it.
I can't get photos right now, but my girlfriend's black boots are pretty faded at the upper calf area. She loves the boots, but doesn't regularly take care of her shoes (read, her idea of polishing shoes is using Kiwi instant shine). I tried my Saphir polishing cream and renovateur, but there is still a noticeable discoloration. Can anyone advise? Do they need to be re-dyed? Anything else that I'm missing? I'm in France and a store sells Saphir less than a minute's walk...
I got a response the same day. I wrote in English and received a response also in English, so there doesn't seem to be a hierarchy that results in Spanish responses coming in first. Additionally, my question was about sizing and lasts, so the question was pretty similar.
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