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Maybe it has been because I've been on the site more often over the past month, but is it me or have there been an obscene number of new members asking really stupid questions recently?
Why wouldn't you want to go MTM?
Read through the AE appreciation thread. This is covered in extensive detail multiple times.
Any chance some are listed at their UK sizing? If the 11 is fitting like a 12, I dare say it may be an 11 UK....just a thought.
SF - I am ashamed, 3 posts all of which are informative? Go ahead and do it, but it won't be a pea coat but rather a poop coat.
Excellent response.
I think that I was right.
Much better than the previous version seen
What I have noticed is that brown is the dominant color in Milan while black is the dominant color in Paris. I cannot attest for the rest of Europe's major cities.
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