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No one else is commenting on the fact that the tuxedo is ultra-modern and notched lapels? For the $1000, you could do MUCH better.
One would use an actual tree.
St. Andrew's
I completely disagree with you. The clothing itself skews towards more casual and more contemporary, thus the fit is commensurate with the style. Had the fit been a suit, I would have wholeheartedly agreed.
I really like this look. I have those pants and usually wear pinks/purples with it, but I really like the contrasting light blue.
Wrong thread
Yes, location would be helpful. You're not asking for an extremely complicated repair, so any good tailor should be able to do it well.
As a G&G noob, I've seemingly noticed the shoes becoming rounder and less chiseled. Is this the case or is it just coincidence and timing of what I am seeing?
I've never done acid before, yet feel like this tie is akin to an acid trip.
These shoes are gorgeous...and my size...and I don't have any money. Do you accept gratitude and smiles as legal tender?
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