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Depending on body proportions, some Brooks Brothers is enormous regardless of slimness. I have tried on every cut in BB and they still swallow me whole, even when going down a size. I'm 6'4" 175 and averagely slim build with a smaller frame. I've gone down to a 38 R in the store knowing that the length would be far too short just to see the body proportions, and they were STILL big. I think Brooks works best for average cut people with average sized shoulders and...
Those are sweet. Buy/wear/love/enjoy them.
When asking a question like this, you need a heck of a let more information. What is your budget? What is your build? What is your preference? What is your taste? Blackberry > iphone or droid
I am bumping my own older thread as I am leaving in about 4 weeks and want to source some more recommendations as I make my final pre-departure preparations. Thanks all.
OP - please do a forum search. Your three started threads have been discussed EXTENSIVELY. I'm not the type to berate new members about the search feature and the like, but with the new format, the search is vastly improved.
My thoughts on the new collection seem to echo yours. I was underwhelmed by the independence collection as the styling is very similar to most existing products. I get that it is designed to compete with Alden and many of the other English makers, but I think they missed the mark a bit.I love the new Kenilworth shoe and the antiquing that they are finally adding to their shoes. I only wish that it was available in my width without a $50 up fee.Also, the Fifth Street...
Anywhere from no break to a very moderate single break. That is purely preferential, though with your build, no break is ideal. This also depends on the type of pant you are wearing. If you are wearing something full, having no break and or cuffs is going to look ridiculous. Conversely, if you're wearing an Incotex nut hugger, having a long break will make you look like a moron. I prefer a very minimal break on my pants with an angle hem to give me the break in the...
Look at their profitability and bottom line. It has achieved a complete economy of scale.
From what I have seen, I really like Ozwald Boateng's look. I can't comment on construction or durability as I have never handled one in person.
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