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Frankly, I find the cut to be abysmal, and I am all for a structured shoulder. It makes you look like an NBA player about to shake hands with David Stern, circa 1989, and/or a pirate. The pointy shoulder extension would be ideal for a parrot perching on your shoulder. The right bound suit, with the shoulders fitting you properly, gives you more definition, actually makes you look broader, and says masculinity. The Boss, meanwhile, screams "hand me down": Edit - if...
Depending on what it is and where you're located I could possibly proxy for you.
The tightest part of the 5 last is the vamp, which does stretch, but not by leaps and bounds. If it is too snug now, you need to go up in either width or length, depending on how snug it is, and where it is snug. Did you get yourself properly measured?. The 5 last isn't for everyone, and I think far too many people try to make it work when they shouldn't. The 5 last is designed for those with longer and narrower feet, and those who don't fit that description tend to...
They're back up to $325 and I am KICKING myself for not buying them.
Depending on body proportions, some Brooks Brothers is enormous regardless of slimness. I have tried on every cut in BB and they still swallow me whole, even when going down a size. I'm 6'4" 175 and averagely slim build with a smaller frame. I've gone down to a 38 R in the store knowing that the length would be far too short just to see the body proportions, and they were STILL big. I think Brooks works best for average cut people with average sized shoulders and...
Those are sweet. Buy/wear/love/enjoy them.
When asking a question like this, you need a heck of a let more information. What is your budget? What is your build? What is your preference? What is your taste? Blackberry > iphone or droid
I am bumping my own older thread as I am leaving in about 4 weeks and want to source some more recommendations as I make my final pre-departure preparations. Thanks all.
OP - please do a forum search. Your three started threads have been discussed EXTENSIVELY. I'm not the type to berate new members about the search feature and the like, but with the new format, the search is vastly improved.
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