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Miami Vice number 1 new show on television!
I was at Don Giovani last year for opening night and it was about 75% tuxedo, 25% suit. Women were in their finest, men were dressed head to toe and it was one of the best renditions that I've ever seen.Papageno - if you have a tuxedo, wear it. If you don't, wear evening appropriate clothing and make sure to look your best.
Likely 2-3 weeks since drops just happened.
These shoes are simply gorgeous. I showed them to my girlfriend who still hates green shoes...
Thanks. I have pretty much ignored Gucci menswear for the better part of 8 years.
Agreed.I was trying to find the year to see if it was Tom Ford era Gucci, but cannot see that well. If anyone is using a bigger screen, perhaps they can chime in more with tag indicators.
I will just have to settle for the Satoria Cantarelli being only 575 euros compared to the $1100 in the US store. I might just suck it up and buy them and one of the last sale suits I have in my dreambox.If the person who bought the yellow weekend bag is on here and you hate the bag and want to sell it at a loss, PM me.
I'm still trying to find the person who kopped most of the Cantarelli I had in my cart....
Any chance of picking up the same Cantarelli in a 40L?
These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. There's a reason that Corthay is currently my favorite shoemaker on the planet.
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