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If still made by Belvest, they are great quality but price inflated based on the Prada name. You said the most important things though - you love it and it fits you well, so the opinions shouldn't really matter!
Since you wrote a lot, far too much actually, I am going to take the time to respond. You will be lucky to get half of your want list on your budget, so act accordingly. Your first purchase should be shoes. The bigger entry level shoes here are Allen Edmonds and Loake. Each brand is going to have its pros and its cons, as well as its supporters and detractors. AE is the most readily available brand, so I'd get yourself properly fitted immediately, email the shoebank...
Phew. Another Allen Edmonds thread....I thought we were going to miss the every ten minutes requirement as per the forum rules.
I must say....this is one of my favorite near text only pages on this site in quite some time.
One of my favorites that I've seen of yours.
Anyone else up for a SF get together where we kill Spoo and steal his clothes?
Correct. It's a German derivation, from a last name of a military man if memory serves me correctly here.
Holy shit. Post moar fotos so that we can all drool.
Hi all, For sale is a NWT size 50 Just Cavali clubbing style shirt. It's black with a velvet inlayed pattern on the front. I'm normally over in MC, but saw this and thought that I'd offer it over here as I really like the shirt. While it's tagged a 50 IT, I'd venture to say that it runs big and is closer to a 52. Measurements are available upon request...I seldom see them for shirts so I thought that I'd rather do it with request than find my measuring tape for no...
Was that the face for having moves like Jagger?
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