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Both of you should post a picture of the interior tag so that you can better be assisted.
Everyone in the thread paypal me $1. We'll call it "piss off USC's girlfriend by allowing him to purchase green shoes." Or, for the business inclined, a case study on how angry our significant others get when we purchase something that they hate....surely you'll all want tickets to this!
They're bloody expensive!!
Exactly. If the item has "character" because of its construction, it is a lot different than if the craftsmen just missed a few stitches or punted on the patina. Buying a grenadine tie is much different than getting a pair of antiqued shoes, which should have a bit of variation between them. I view it much like buying seek out the wood that has the most unique shape to it, the one with the knot, because it seems organic.
This thread has gotten very funny...and only reinforces my desire to purchase the racing green savoy.
This. If you try too hard, you're courting disaster. If you want to really stand out, perhaps this event is a good time to try a flower, or fun socks/cufflinks/a new color story besides black with the accessories.
she's slowly coming around. Fortunately, she's not the complete over-fashioned, under-styled woman that most are. That said, I can understand many people's resistance to green shoes, yet one must go for it. We've learned that style is all about a flow concept. I showed her a pair of red paraboot derbies, to which she replied "buy the green ones." Ah the beauty of making something more attractive by showing something comparatively less attractive.
As I find myself slowly descending into 38L territory from my normal slim 40L, this thread has been helpful. I need a 32" BOC; can anyone recommend some brands?
Miami Vice number 1 new show on television!
I was at Don Giovani last year for opening night and it was about 75% tuxedo, 25% suit. Women were in their finest, men were dressed head to toe and it was one of the best renditions that I've ever seen.Papageno - if you have a tuxedo, wear it. If you don't, wear evening appropriate clothing and make sure to look your best.
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