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Don't do a driving shoe, especially Tod's...your feet will be so utterly painful by the end of the first day that your trip will be ruined. You need something with some arch support and a thick sole that will do well with cobblestone. My recommendation is a loafer in caramel/walnut and keep your trousers in the light grey range to fit in well. Think Santoni Leonard as your style baseline. Yes, I know the color isn't what I suggested, but I am going solely for style.
I wanted to bump an old thread as I just received a pair of their house brand shoes and wanted to post my review since it was asked for about a year ago. I received a gift card and decided to take a chance on the house brand rather than buying something at a much higher price and have to wait for them to be ordered. I am a true 13C and sometimes even 14A depending on the last. Website The pictures on the website are awful, so know that going in. I took a chance...
Drop to $50 + shipping. I don't mind taking a RL gift card on this, but would really prefer to help get another pair of shoes. If you are selling 12D or 13C shoes and want to consider this as part of a trade, I would be very appreciative
Even though it is only May, I nominate this for thread of the year.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster They'll come back...you will see. So will the 4 button. I can't wait. That's why I wear a 5 button suit to beat the trend. It worked for razors....fusion anyone?
sartorialism is an asset to the forum. Amazingly quick communication and lightning fast shipment. DC to Philly in 2 days on a pair of shoes.
I have had those monks in my ebay watch list for almost a week now wishing that I could afford them. Being a college student about to live abroad for 6 months can be painful.
Quote: Originally Posted by rsuhandy Black is absolutely correct for funerals. Black is a mourning color. Black is also a color that SF hates for some reason. I have a black suit and I wear it from time to time usually for evening functions even afternoon functions. Black is fine as long as it's not for business and is something that I think is nice to have in ones wardrobe; just not as a staple. This. The real problem with black...
Why must you tempt me with these?
Hello all, For sale is a NWT Polo Ralph Lauren terry cloth bathrobe. This was my Valentine's Day gift, which takes it beyond the return policy and me SOL. Let's say that things between she and I got kind of ugly, which involved a withholding of the receipt. RL shipped me a L/XL despite ordering a S/M and it is just enormous on me. It is currently packed up so I am unable to provide accurate measurements until tomorrow if there is genuine interest. This is...
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