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I got a response the same day. I wrote in English and received a response also in English, so there doesn't seem to be a hierarchy that results in Spanish responses coming in first. Additionally, my question was about sizing and lasts, so the question was pretty similar.
Just know that shopping currently in Paris is crazy since the sales have started. Also, while I don't know if it carries balmoral, check out Loding for shoes. There are several throughout the city and two by Opera if you'll be doing shopping there. BHV Homme also has some killer sales on Paraboot right now, which does have IIRC two balmoral boots on sale. Start at place vendome, and just keep walking from there to Opera...you'll find options. I'm going to Galleries...
He mentioned size being a major issue; I've never seen a Panerai in my life that isn't completely obtuse or blobby.
McBindle stated it best, and I echo his sentiments exactly. Do some research of your own on the forum, save the photos, and you'll likely start noticing patterns that you didn't otherwise know existed. In essence, data mine yourself. As for stores in your budget, I still really like Club Monaco the most. Price wise, it is at about J,Crew level, so well within your means.
Can someone liken the olfe last to another manufacturer so that I have a better idea on fit? I want to order a pair but am hedging on size [between an 11 and 11.5 UK]. They'll be shipped to France, so it isn't an enormous deal to return the wrong pair, but I'd still like to avoid returning if possible.
My assumption as well, especially given the shape.
Indeed, I thought that was implied, but thanks for clarifying.
Wholeheartedly recommend Bremont anything. They are rare and known mostly to horological fans and I'd argue that there is no better bang for the buck.
Guys, The sales in the EU stores are significantly better than the US store. There is something that I am considering that is 220 euros and over $500 in the US store. I'm willing to proxy for a few items/people, but I can't do that much just due to time restraints and shipping issues with my flat in Paris. Items would be a final sale (unless you really want to pay the shipping another three times), so there is that inherent risk.
I am still surprised that this item hasn't sold. It is absolutely stunning, and my size, but way out of my budget.
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