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One of the reasons that I prefaced the article.
Are you dead set on Panerai? It is constantly ripped in the horological circles as nothing more than a perpetual marketing ploy and faux status symbol. Read: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/mens-watches_500/564_watch-snob-stop-wearing-panerai.html Take his advice for what it is worth to you, but when it comes down to price:value, why buy a Hugo Boss of the watch world?
Of all of the "I'm new and looking to improve my wardrobe" threads, I find your thread the most compelling--so much so that I am actually going to respond. Gdot hit a lot of the nails on the head quite well, so I will use his as a base and just add my changes and insights. Shirts - depending on your budget, I think MTM is by far your best bet. Moderntailor has a great deal for new customers to let you get your fit down to a T. When it comes to shirts, which basically...
Those are genuinely hideous, but I can see a few people pulling them off and making them look awesome. About 1% of the iGent circle could pull them off...here's hoping you fit into that 1%
How the hell are you functioning today? I broke a sweat walking to my car from my house, which was about 8 steps from my door to my driveway...
2007 and pre-financial bubble pop of 2008.
From what I have seen of Tremezza, which admittedly is a small sample size, the construction and leather was average at best. I will defer to you with more experience on the matter. Monty - my local Rack had several pairs of the hand made Santoni, fatto a mano, for sale last week.
You can do better for your money. Depending on where you live, I saw several pairs of Santoni at my local Nordstrom rack, where the finishing and leather are far better than that of Ferragamo. Others may disagree, but I find Ferragamo to be absolute crap. Even the higher divisions of the company.
Read Freakonomics, it will tell you everything you need to know on this.Gist - real estate agents typically keep their house on the market 1 week to 1 month longer as the incentive they have to get you a higher deal, read them a higher commission, is often negligible.
This is actually the first time I have ever seen the merlot ones on sale. I always see black and dark brown, but for some reason, the merlot tends to remain at $325.
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