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First, you're not THAT big. You're what, 1,86 M and 72 kg? If I have you sized in the photos correctly, you're actually pretty average sized. Here are the things that I've noticed in your fit pics, which the quality is really bad on:1. It looks like you're trying really hard. The reason that most of the people in here can get away with a lot of what they do is because it looks effortless2. Your tie is insanely short. A trick that I learned as a fellow tall (1.95 M) is that...
I wish I followed this advice! Over the summer, I went from Paris, which was about 19 at the time, to Budapest, which was pushing 40. I got onto the flight with pants and a sport coat; upon landing, I borrowed a line from Anchorman, "I immediately regret this decision." Summer + sartorial = hot.
Amazing photos. My Wooster complaint is the hair...when is the Hitler youth going to finally disappear?
I'm curious to see how the forum reacts to this like. Personally, I really like it; it also looks incredibly warm, which is important. Today, I was so cold in Paris, I had compression shorts underneath my pants.
At those temperatures. I'd dress like a Saudi prince.
Those ones. I liked them so much that I saved the photo to potentially emulate.
Love the jacket, but hate the sweater with it. The colors don't seem to complement or contrast each other, rather they just clash.
Yes sir, double pigment and all. I fear that they will need to be re-dyed, which I know she won't do, and probably isn't worth it for the cost/quality of the boots.
You will be VERY hard pressed to find a staple RLBL that is 1) on sale and 2) in your size. I know, I look constantly to try to kop them. The best option that I found is in Europe, where the retail is lower than retail in the US, which can get down to about 300 euros if you play chicken with the sales, but almost never in 40L. Remember, it is one of the rarer sizes, thus stuck will be inherently lower than more common sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: