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Any chance of picking up the same Cantarelli in a 40L?
These shoes are absolutely gorgeous. There's a reason that Corthay is currently my favorite shoemaker on the planet.
Gboy - those shoes look fantastic. I'm going to head up the street and buy more Saphir products to get that type of shine...some of the best in this thread.
I'm already planning to bludgeon Ben and taking the tuxedo since I can't afford it.
Not sure if it is applicable in the US store as I only got the email on my French account, but 10% off starting tomorrow: WEEKENDFEVER I hope none of you kop the items in my dreambox....
The 1220 is slimmer than the Base S, and more structured. If you want an Isaia comparison, look to the Base V. As for the Zegna Milano, the 1220 compares favorably in terms of fit, though the shoulders might be a bit wider.
Try going on a day where it is 30 degrees Celsius AND free. THAT is hell.
Yes, this year has really been a change for Tom Ford. A lot of what is in the store is still the classic stuff, though the fit has changed some. The suits have gotten fuller, the peak lapel has switched to notch with a lower gorge, and the overall silhouette has changed a bit.
Obviously you've never peacocked without underwear.
Yes. Jewel tones and box square shoes are the new "in" for 2013.
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