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I wear the same (11 UK) in G&G TG73, Cheaney 205/11525 and Carmina Simpson. As for American brands, 12.5 C Allen Edmonds 5 last, 12 Alden Aberdeen last. Cheaney generally has a high instep BTW.
Since I see many "waiting list" options, have to assume that there has been a flurry of buying in advance of the US site switch?
Know that Pal Zileri made for Jil Sander for years. Audit this tag against all Zileri tags as a starting point.
Annoying there are no 11 UK shoes
Probably late October. We're still waiting on a GMTO from May.
I planned on ignoring you, but what the hell, I'll respond.Re: the above, you spent 85% of your text criticizing Norman Vilalta's taste and likening it to quality. They're two, unique items. People have different tastes and opinions on aesthetics. There is a reason that architecture has changed throughout history and gone through many revivals, and while you may like only the classic aesthetic (which is perfectly fine), there are plenty of people who want a more modern...
Dude, can you seriously stop? You've made your opinion well known and publicly available. You're now just posting ridiculously banal text walls.
No, you lead a personal vendetta and a crusade against someone based off of hearsay, personal bias and hatred of the Spanish. You've descended into a caricature of your former poster identity. Moreover, you've led a personal attack on someone you don't know, are wholly unqualified to comment on and generally acted like a petulant ass. I can summate most of your text walls of this thread into a few sentences, "Italian craftsmen are better than everyone, especially the...
I kind of just want to email Norman this thread and see how he reacts.
You can buy it at almost any neighborhood shoe/key place. There are about 12 within 5 minutes walking of Saint Lazare.
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