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How cold are we talking? During the absolutely perilous cold streak of last year, which was my first time experiencing -20 C, I wore my compression shorts under my trousers quite often, which really helped a tremendous amount. I also wore shearling lined boots with my high socks I use for football. In talking to other people, just combine your clothes for the gym with normal clothes and you'll be good to go. Now, if we're talking Siberia cold, well then you're piss out of...
Also have my eye on a pair of Carmina shoes from Skoak.
Don't recall. It's not my size and Isaia doe not fit me well, so I was not actively investigating.
For people in and around the NY metro area, Century 21 has a lot of Isaia on clearance right now, reckon 100-150 suits. Some suits were as low as $450, though they are a bit more esoteric fabric choices. Average price was around $550.
Your photo isn't embedded
His cuts differ slightly from Rubinacci, and I really like the differences. I've been impressed with everything on his blog, and when I have the funds, I'll likely commission something.
JSO1 - where are you located? Based on some of the information on here, when I walked into the Carmina store, I was convinced that I would be able to fit the three lasts that Zapasman recommended. When I was sized and fitted, only the Simpson fit. I was sliding out of the Rain and the Forest was just a trainwreck. Depending on how narrow you are, the Simpson (lower instep) and Alcudia should fit best. Can you get sized in a store?
I'm fairly positive that the suits are Huntsman, as Huntsman did the tailored clothing for the film. I was impressed with the collection and might pick up a tie or something.
Anyone want a new pair of slippers? I got a pair of LL Bean elk slippers, and well, I already own them, so the second pair is available for sale/trade. It's a size 13, but it works well on my size 11 UK foot. Don't really have a price in mind, but I'm open to anything, whether it's a gift card you weren't going to use or cash. I'm currently in the US, so shipping would be from there. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/70654?feat=503380-GN2&page=elkhide-slippers
Was told by the G&G employees at the Savile Row store that all of the lasts are roughly the same fit, so there will be no size changing. I can't wear any Carmina lasts besides the Simpson, so I can't comment on fit relative to others. From my experience, Carmina is incredibly wide in the heel, which is my smallest part, which is why I can wear the narrow lasts that others seemingly cannot. The TG73 is really a comfortable last, at least for me, and I recommend it highly.
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