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It's not just the raw materials that go in to making something. It's the expertise of the people on the other side to turn those raw materials in to a unique product. Part of that expertise does derive from marketing and oftentimes a larger staff. More employees, more overhead, more margin necessary. Think of tailored clothing through a lens most people can better relate to: cars. There are people who work at Rolls Royce who are literally the only people in the world who...
Sartod has become the new Foo in a way. Every thread he posts in stops being about the original topic and starts being about Sartod.
This is fantastic.
Bugger. It had greenish hues on my screen. Gorgeous jacket.
I'd been eyeing that for weeks. Ultimately decided that it was too similar to a green sport coat that I already own and that I should probably be fiscally responsible for a few weeks. Looks tremendous on you! You're unfortunately now my mortal enemy though.
Cock. Hadn't heard that yet. Did your rep mention what will replace it?
If you're getting books from Drapers, recommend getting the five star book. I like it a lot and recently read that it's Lorenzo Cifonelli's favorite as well.
@Danl check out Lanificio di Pray, which I've seen do a brilliant shepherd's check.
I'm considering picking up the Gatsby myself as I've been trying to find a cool u-wing. How is the width? Can you compare it to any of the narrower fitting lasts, i.e. the ones that actually fit me, such as the TG73, Simpson, Corthay Arca, etc.? FYI - for anyone who doubts NMWA as a fantastic avenue and a great price, Barbanera is now at Barneys for the low, low price of $625.
These two were my immediate first thoughts as well.
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