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I don't mind the slimmer lapels as it is following a linear ascendancy with its styling. It was very mid 1970's inspired and is now late 70's-1980's inspired. The colors and the shapes, especially of the more casual clothing, is spot-on and gorgeous.
I presume that the answer is yes as I don't think that I've seen you say no yet, but am I able to specify second button position? I've been looking to dump Modern Tailor for a while now and the reviews/photos are quite impressive.
You shouldn't ask for advice and then get petulant when you receive if. If you're merely looking for validation for your choices, ask a small child.
I laughed out loud at this. It is things like this that I miss when I can't log-on for a few months at a time.
Why oh why is this not a 40L
Il salvagente is VERy hit or miss; I've gotten great deals and I've also been really dispapointed, both shopping for me or for my girlfriend. It can also be pretty challenging for first-timers to get to as it is served only by bus. I forget the name of the outlet, but it is quite good. I've purchased aquascotum cashmere scarves there for between EUR 40-70; apparel selection is weak but the selection is good (via vittor pissanti before via boscovich).
Lo Zingaro nailed all of the shopping quite well. Some other things that are worth doing/seeing/buying in the city. Eat/Drink: S.P.I.B - VERY "off the beaten path" but it is my favorite pizza in the city. Yellow line to Machiachini, 5 minutes by foot. via Legnone, 34 Nobu - Via manzoni 31. Not very Milanese, but fantastic food and incredible wine list. Martini - Dolce and Gabbana Deseo (Brera) - best food at an apertivo that I have ever had. Do: Barbiere at Dolce and...
I wear a US 13 C normally and can get away with a 12 D depending on the last. These are great in length, but too wide in the heel, and for loafers, I can't make it work like I can with laced shoes.
Hi all, I bought these shoes on here a few months ago and they unfortunately didn't fit. I've had them on eBay but have been too lazy to list them on here. Retail on these bad boys is $675. I'm really just looking to get my money back, so $275 shipped personal payment or add 4%. Edit - I'm not sure why the interface keeps screwing up. Couture line, handmade, chiseled toe, walnut color, insanely sleek last. I tried them on here on carpet, realized that they were too...
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