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The ultimate SF member trolling thread is still right here:
Printemps, at least in Paris at the grands magasins, carries Drake's for about 60-100 euros, depending on the sale price. I know that it is a bit over your price range, but it is well worth it.
How to address your post...hmm...I think that I'll keep on living my life.
It might be better for you to take the next step to the mid-range shoes like C&J and the like rather than moving to G&G, Lobb, Edward Green, etc. Moving upwards from Allen Edmonds, you're going to get a higher quality leather, tighter stitching in both the sole and the throat/quarters of the shoe, more handwork (which you admittedly said fails to interest you), and really better style (which you again mentioned as irrelevant). If you're removing style from the situation,...
Yay with sport coat, always.Yay with suit if it is not in a business setting. If you're wearing a suit to a more relaxed party, you're fine.
The button stance is too high for you and cuts you in a strange place. Secondly, the socks are awful.
While I have not been there that long, I have been here more than many other members. My low post count signifies that I am more of a reader than active participant, so my observer role allows me to have a more objective role. Foo and Doc have touched on the big issue: reciprocity. Answering the same question repeatedly leads to diminishing returns and a lack of reciprocal enjoyment. This place was a forum of information, collectivism, and an overall desire for the...
Highly doubt that these sell for more than $99. Tod's is not a brand that gets love here, and deservedly so. Ebay is likely your best bet for unloading these at a price closer to what you're seeking.
Bet Spoo buys the bag.
It changed when B&S went from forum to marketplace.
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