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Highly doubt that these sell for more than $99. Tod's is not a brand that gets love here, and deservedly so. Ebay is likely your best bet for unloading these at a price closer to what you're seeking.
Bet Spoo buys the bag.
It changed when B&S went from forum to marketplace.
We're likely differently proportioned than you. It's far from the slimmest fitting suit that I've tried, but swimming, at least for me, is pure hyperbole.
When did the new store open? When I was there over the summer, I was less than pleased with the store and the employees working in it.
I'm sure a lot of people go into stores simply to look, and many sales associates know it. A good sales associate will be polite to a person no matter what the person looks like, yet it needs to go both ways. Just because you're going in to browse does not mean that you'll never purchase from the store and a good experience will go a long way to cementing future purchases and building relationships. I agree with people who say that RL and Tom Ford are amongst the best...
Unless something changed, the Gucci suit is made by Zegna and SHOULD be canvased. Where are you pinching?
Have you looked in 1986?
Are the suits commissioned by Nigerian princes?
Tracy Morgan captures the spirit of this thread perfectly. NSFW
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