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Stop trying to hard to label your style and dress in what fits you well and makes you look better. If you're consistently trying to fit your "preppy" look, you lose out on what truly complements you best.
Your wife is right. Others have said everything necessary...perhaps this outfit is for an over-indulging food night where you can spill on yourself and not worry about damaging your clothing.
If you have to re-tuck the shirt after raising your hands, the armholes are too low.
I thought the title of this thread was "penis watches," which begs the question, why did I click it?
It's transfer deadline day!
As the other two gentleman suggested, use the search feature, specifically for rules for the tall and skinny guy. Second, for you and every other new member...you're not that tall. You're 6'1", which is fairly tall, but still on the border between R and L, depending on brand.
acrid - like the fit a lot...though I am more curious about the whiteboard in the background. Something, apparently, is decreasing.
Corthay is probably the slimmest RTW shoe out there, so if you're uneven and slightly wide, you're going to have a problem. I'm surprised that the British makers aren't better for you.
Mr. T? You're not known for your conservative dress....
You look like a kid playing dress-up in his father's clothing. The picture quality is pretty poor, but it at least looks to fit you in the shoulders. Theoretically, everything that you need done: suppression, tapering, hemming, is possible, it will just be fairly expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: