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This depends on your shape. If you're average to a little bit of extra fluff, go with a darker color, like navy. If you're skinny-average or athletic, go with red.
The Allen Edmonds 8 last is pretty damn wide...you might be able to get a 5 in it and not have to worry about the width as much. Also, you might be best served wearing tissue boxes as shoes, as it sounds like they are about your size.
Do the Spoo sounds like a dance and/or radio catchphrase. Someone please make a youtube video, possibly a video mashup/remix of The Spoo and mafoo buying an Hermes breast wallet in green. I'm imagining the Christian Bale freakout mix. Spoo - what type of pants are the lime green ones? I nearly bought a pair of Incotex in that color last year and lament not pulling the trigger; I have not had any luck in finding a reasonable facsimile.
I have a propensity to skim most of the threads that I read on here, especially when they are rather long. I actually sat and read this entire article and found it interesting and a bit patronizing. As if someone an interest conjures the banality of thoughts as judged by the flailing media.
Is your 99% scientifically based? Some people can fit into a product, some people can't The roping on both brands is well pronounced and well documented. There are people for whom it is cut, luckily I am one, and others where it looks terrible. For instance, take Isaia, the forum's darling brand, looks great on many of the posters on here. Unless it is the Base V with a decent amount of alterations, I cannot wear it to save my life. I have yet to find a Neapolitan...
My local Rack had quite a few as well. I put one pair on hold as I liked them, but was not completely sold on the construction and the quality. The styling, however, was impeccable. I wound up buying another pair of Allen Edmonds on the final day of the anniversary sale. The recraft price of Santoni is supposedly ridiculous from my research. If you're looking for a sleek shoe that will be a fashion element rather than a classic one, go for it. It depends on your...
+1, I'd also recommend contacting eBay so that he doesn't get hit with a fee.
There is like a 27 page thread dedicated to St. Crispins pr0n. I looked through it and lamented being a student.
I saw this in NYC yesterday and the coloring of the shoe on the website is NOWHERE near the coloring of the real shoe. The shoe also came in a gorgeous walnut that I would have purchased if it came in my width that seems to not be listed online. The walnut is typical AE walnut with a darker antiquing and burnishing on the toe.
I agree with everything that was said. There were a few sellers whom I know always carried my incredibly tough to find size and I could get great deals from.
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