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Che buono!
Or, as was mentioned, learn Italian. Really, of all of the Western languages, it is by far the easiest. Most Italian companies' sites are exclusively in Italian, which is fine for me, but difficult for the masses. If you're able to understand the text, even with the potential errors, what is the problem? O, se voui, possiamo parlare solamente in italiano, sei d'accordo? Cosa voui? Un abito? Le scarpe?
Because you know nothing of construction, authenticity, etc. and want it because it is the "holy grail of suits", yes, that checks off many boxes of brand whore. You haven't mentioned fit, yet in your childish and petulant rebuttal, you mention that you want it for "The cut, the quality of the fabric and TF's style. but im [SIC] not going to elaborate because I really don't want to waste my time on arguing with you." Perhaps instead of acting like a whining baby who was...
Andrew - post measurements of the LBM jacket please
Butler, please stay away from the extra foggy parts of London
You should straight lace your shoes; it looks much better. It is tough to get at the same price point in the US; if you can get your hands on Paraboot, it is of the same quality. As far as "intro" shoes go, AE really is the best bang for the buck.
The irony of stating that one lacks intelligence while making grammatical mistakes.
A couple of sale shoes I noticed at the Paris store. Balmuir IV Black Calf 5914-12 - 440 euro Balmuir IV Brown Calf 5914-19B - 440 euro Portman III Black Calf - 5450 - 12 410 euro Chukka - 300 euro Not sure if phone ordering is available. I can proxy ship to the US at cost, but won't lay out money for people.
I have no idea how this jacket hasn't sold yet, it is awesome. Sadly, Cantarelli seldom comes on this forum and has developed a bad reputation. If I had any money for clothes right now, I'd buy this.
Spoo, I have no need for that shearling jacket, but my god it looks warm. I want to buy it as a pajama....
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