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Thanks guys, that's what I thought and planned to do but wasn't sure if there was another product that I was missed. I already own the polish, but have never had that much of a scuff/scratch on my shoe. Maybe I should have just taken the dive...I was wearing jeans that day and only 2 steps from the bottom.
Heel slippage is related solely to width. You sound like you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole on the 5 last. I'm not sure why so many people think that they can just alter the size and have it work for them. Read: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/SizingView?langId=-1&storeId=1&catalogId=40000000001 5 Last (65) This is the longest in length of all of our lasts; best for a long, narrow foot. Does that describe you? If not, then you should have bought...
I like the Huxley, though I rather despise Aldous Huxley.
I unfortunately stumbled down a concrete set of stairs and my left shoe took the brunt of the damage in me catching myself. How would you guys rectify the situation? Polish? Conditioner? Buff? I really like these shoes and would like to restore them.
Also want to add that I think it is acceptable for a "black tie optional" affair if the wearer owns only a black suit and not a tuxedo. Assuming it is not truly a black-tie evening, I think a well fitted black suit is much better than a poorly fitted tuxedo.
Two words: Joseph Centofanti. I have never had anything commissioned from him, but I really like the word that I have seen from him. He runs about $2500 for bespoke.
While it is less related to the thread, don't buy any player's listed height or weight. I've met Brady and had about 2 inches on him. Hell, Brian Westbreook was listed at 5'11" one year and is about 5'5" in real life. He did it so he could respond to the question of "How tall are you?" with "About six feet."
Do that. I assume you'll also get good shoe juju from it and perhaps find yourself another pair at a great price later on.
Seconded. I'm 6'4" 175 and I wear a medium in almost anything--length can be an issue, but since you're dealing with a 6' guy, less of an issue for you.
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