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This thread has really made me appreciate Bontoni. It is moving into my top 5 favorite shoes to view.
Drowsy = drunk?
I wish people would stop posting shoes that are my size and that I can't afford right now.
What is the return policy? If you're only out a few dollars to pay for return shipping, only you can decide what those few dollars mean to you. If you'd rather have the drink when going out, then save the few dollars. I find Canali to be very roomy in the chest, so you might be fine depending on your build. I can't wear it because of length issues, but whenever I've tried it on, I've moved from a 40 to a 38 without issue. Even in the drop 8 model that I tried on, I still...
I've never been, but NY people swear by Mr. Ned. I've been impressed by the photos. AlexE - my guess is that the OP is reading WAYWN often...there have been many Australian bespoke posts over the last 5-6 pages.
This thread is simply useless without photos. As a whole, Carvet is generally lighter and a finer silk than those brands, so it could be authentic.
Where did you take the shoulder measurements from? Put the jacket flat against a surface and use a measuring tape to measure the width across the back of the jacket for the shoulders. For a 42, it should be between 19" and 20", maybe a little more or less depending on cut. The two places that are the most difficult to alter are the shoulders and the jacket length. Unless you have a very, very capable tailor, you're going to pay a lot of money for a poor product.
How did I miss this thread the first time? I love the Florentine cut and the construction. Bravissimo.
Get better quality photos and clean your mirror. The size looks fine, but the quality of the photos is too difficult to make an accurate call.
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