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I find the shapes to be incredibly passé and boring. I've never found a shoe that strikes me as truly special as I have with other brands/makers. That said, I recognize the incredible construction and quality that goes into the shoe.
^ - just make sure that you're not getting squeezed in the toe box, especially if you plan to do a lot of walking. I've made the mistake before and my pinky toe was shouting some pretty crass things at me after taking off my shoes.
I usually detest C&J, yet these shoes are simply sublime on you.
It is far from "good," in SF standards. It may be good along the lines of Ferragamo, but its construction leaves a lot to be desired and seems to be heading the wrong way as opposed to the right way. I also fail to see your "photograph" logic. If something is attractive, it will look attractive, yet if something is ugly, it will look ugly.
My girlfriend gets a kick out of seeing those photos. I can understand the desire for an undershirt, but why not a V that no one sees?
That shouldn't happen, especially on the 5 last. You might be half of a size too small, or the last might not work for you.
Indeed. I've been waiting more than 3 years to spam this thread.
Echoing others' comments that it looks good in the right context.
Butler, those shoes seem incredibly round at the toe...is it the photo playing tricks on me?
If you're going for the full twat look, embark on this stylistic journey. The 90s were easily one of the worst decades for style. At least the music was good.
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