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And for those of you who have seen Kingsman, we all know what the royal family of Sweden likes! For those of you who haven't, see it; the film is fantastic.
Maybe OP is smoking the shoes themselves? Payless plastic has to be pretty toxic when ablaze.
Recommend more succinct thoughts.
Not at all. Many will just think that it is Etro.
Wow, don't remember the 888 being so chiseled. Not a huge EG fan, mostly due to fit, but these are gorgeous.
TJ - the Simpson and Alcudia are the two narrowest lasts, so look at them. The Simpson is also a low instep last so take that into account. Since you're using AE as a baseline, I am a 12.5 C on the 5 last and an 11 UK on the Simpson. I don't like the fit of the Alcudia, so can't comment on it.
What last is this? It looks like the 890.
For an American/European, that's not awful, but I remember a few of my Aussie mates were shivering at 8 C, so I will assume you have a similar tolerance. What you described is completely ideal, though I would go the long underwear or compression shorts/pants route on your legs. The socks are the most important element, and if you have cashmere socks, now might be a good time to utilize them!
How cold are we talking? During the absolutely perilous cold streak of last year, which was my first time experiencing -20 C, I wore my compression shorts under my trousers quite often, which really helped a tremendous amount. I also wore shearling lined boots with my high socks I use for football. In talking to other people, just combine your clothes for the gym with normal clothes and you'll be good to go. Now, if we're talking Siberia cold, well then you're piss out of...
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