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Agree that you look like a standard doctor. You could stand to change the tie and tighten up the knot, but that's really it. Jedwards said it well that doctors should be dressed intelligently and appropriately.
What a pretentious knob you are. I dressed incredibly well at my university, including sport coats and ties because I like them; it elicited some comments, some questions, but you know what? I dress well for myself, not for other people, so if you're genuinely concerned about a teaching giving you dirty looks and you think that it's because of how you're dressed, well I reckon that you have a host of other issues with which to contend. Most competent people can smell...
Scuba, Most designer labels have pretty bad shoes that are significantly overpriced. Are you dead set on patent? A mirror shine on a PROPER black shoe works 99% of the time.
That's a woeful deal.
Our metaphors have moved from food to cars. Is Rubinacci actually The Stig?
How wide is your foot? Cheaney shoes tend to have a narrow heel and a wider toe area as there is a more pronounced combination last used. On the 11525 and the 205, which fit me brilliantly, I go down 1.5 sizes from my US size.Josh, who is the manager of the Spitalfields store, is the best fitter I've ever seen, so it might be worth giving him a ring and asking his thoughts.
Don't judge me.
I love pissing matches over nomenclature. Stand by my assertion that this thread is the best on SF in the past two years. Let's go back to the food metaphors. The restaurant manager who puts parsley on plates as garnish is a plate stylist. Discuss.
If it's not a garish one, go for it. This forum can get carried away by groupthink and the application of "rules." If you feel confident in it and it looks okay/professional, it's going to show in your interview. My big word of caution to you is that since you've never worn a square before, a very real possibility exists of you fiddling with it and worrying more about it than the conversation.
New Posts  All Forums: