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Online purchase that just did not work out for me. But alas, my poor fit is someone else's brilliant fit. Up for grabs is a brand new main line Belvest suit. It's chocolate brown with a slight cream pinstripe and a light brown shadow stripe. It's a really cool contrast that has a bit of dandyism without being over the top. Cloth is a very soft but strong super 100s. Basically, here's your show off autumn rig. Typical Belvest cut with moderate shoulder structure and a...
Online purchase that I'm way too tall for. Think Thom Browne on me....But alas, my poor fit is someone else's brilliant fit.Up for grabs is a brand new Sartoria Cantarelli sport coat. This is Cantarelli's top line, and it shows. If this covered even 45% of my bum, I'd genuinely consider keeping it. Construction is absolutely killer.Cloth is a really interesting blend that is lightweight without being summer only. I'd say that it works from spring through early winter. And...
So I finally got switched over to the new site. It's a bag of dicks.
Impressive that you got JJ Abrams to do your WAYWN shot.
Interesting. I wear an 11 UK in Simpson and an 11.5 in 348. Guess no one's feet are the same!
I stand by Sew Rob in Wynnewood. He's done a few pretty high end pieces for me and have been impressed by his work. Not in downtown, but does have reasonable weekend hours.
Imagine if you celebrated Herbsttagundnachtgleiche in Wales in the village of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. People's heads would explode.
Isn't that just velcro?
This thread got all lifestyley. I like it!
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