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My impression of EG introducing the 890 and a few more contemporary lasts is less about turning into a fashion brand and more to compete in a pretty quickly growing market. G&G, Corthay, and similar brands have really captured people's imagination and money, and I'm sure management at EG wanted to introduce something similar and its own spin on the contemporary market. Unless EG appoints a goth emo chick with zero footwear experience, we can safely assume that it won't be...
I have to imagine that Hermes is taking much more an involvement in the strategy now.
I put Cheaney in the same sentence as Carmina and Alden, so hope that helps.
@ShoesC I find Cheaney 11525 to be pretty similar to TG73 and Cheaney 205 to be close enough as well. Maybe you want to give them a try.
Using most of the lasts that you have listed, I'm (UK sizing):TG73 - 11 EEG 890 - 11 EEG 888 - can't wear, too roomy in 11 too short in 10.5CJ 348 - 11.5 ECarmina Simpson - 11 E
Where are you located? Noticed that there is a pretty big fluctuation in costs from EU to US on Corthay.
@T4phage saw those today on instagram and loved them. Didn't realize they were yours.
Victor is slowly turning into a villain in the Bourne movies. Well done!
They're the same; note the model number: 80267
Keep in mind that Betty's job isn't customer service. Imagine how swamped she must be with the decline of the euro relative to other currency. People who didn't want to spend the money on Carmina now get a relative discount, and her email is always the one circulated online.
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