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One additional vote for adding length. It's what stopped me from ordering the gorgeous Zegna guncheck during the pre-order.
@agjiffy great shots! Cifo is my favorite tailor working today, and those fits are just epic.
PS was Boglioli for years, so I'd start there in exploration.
Corneliani (the maker of the Garrison cut) makes wide lapel jackets/suits, but they're all drop 9. Not sure about your cut.
Bought these Maiyet shirts on final sale, and well, I struck out. Bought one for my girlfriend and one for my mother. One was too big and one was too small, so here I am. Retail price on each: $595. I'm completely open to trading these for something for me. If you want to earn bonus points with the women in your life, let's chat! Maiyet is a newer brand on the scene and claims to be the first responsible luxury company, so that's always a bonus. Details: 100%...
Is the 946 E also lower on the instep, or just narrower overall? Hopefully this isn't an email sales@skoak reply, just trying to get some general info for the large lot of us who could not previously wear EB.
Did you get it on Yoox?
Ozwald Boateng has a RTW line that's similar to his bespoke. Recommend checking it out. You'd run into similar problems as with SuitSupply, which is distribution.
Looks like the gun check is the winner. I might be in too if I can get my sizing right. Measurements appear to be a challenge for tall people who want their bottoms covered.
Loro Piana
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