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Really like DW's take on this issue. There is good and good enough, and each person will weigh the two differently.
From where are you getting £150? It's £90, which is up from the £85 it was before the February price increase. B.Nelson is a well discussed cobbler on here, so go that route.
Ha, fantastic. Have you seen the film yet? The catholic whore bit is a line from the film, and if you have not yet seen it, I cannot recommend it highly enough!
I also volunteer, and seeing as how I’m a Catholic whore who needs to visit my black, Jewish boyfriend who works in an abortion clinic, I should immediately get the role!
And for those of you who have seen Kingsman, we all know what the royal family of Sweden likes! For those of you who haven't, see it; the film is fantastic.
Maybe OP is smoking the shoes themselves? Payless plastic has to be pretty toxic when ablaze.
Recommend more succinct thoughts.
Not at all. Many will just think that it is Etro.
Wow, don't remember the 888 being so chiseled. Not a huge EG fan, mostly due to fit, but these are gorgeous.
TJ - the Simpson and Alcudia are the two narrowest lasts, so look at them. The Simpson is also a low instep last so take that into account. Since you're using AE as a baseline, I am a 12.5 C on the 5 last and an 11 UK on the Simpson. I don't like the fit of the Alcudia, so can't comment on it.
New Posts  All Forums: