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Clag - any spots left? I'm in if so.
a menswear store
Would have been my suggestion as well. Then walk a few blocks over and get a lobster roll and lobster joint.
Sooooo. Pluto's not a planet anymore. What's up with that?
I've not gotten the email yet, so maybe others haven't either—it's 30% off a lot of items.
^ try The Armoury. Most retailers have replacement laces for brands they stock.
Will be ordering my fist Luxire shirt in the coming days. Is there an SF discount I should be aware of?
Good response. As you know, there are really four tenants of good web design: discoverability, findability, UX and UI. The old Yoox site honestly lacked everything but discoverability. The new one gains in UX and findability. There is no visual storytelling, and it's become even more cluttered.
You're new, and you seem to be friendly, so will give you some advice. The tone on here is snarky and irreverent. Answers to obvious questions like "do/can you call?" will be met with appropriate levels of sarcasm.
New Posts  All Forums: