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I guess consignment shops are still operating in the retail mindset of 2010. Snootiness is out as a marketing technique, and well, they're late to the party.
Agree. As do:Kari Voutilainen - though think it'll be pretty over budgetH. Moser - one of the more under appreciated companies IMOA. FavreVolker VyskocilBovet
Habring2, which is way under budget, but super solid.
Love a good El Primero. It's on my list.
Got it. The ones I clicked recently maxed at 10.5, so guess it's just bad luck in sampling.
It's fine since I'm not spending money right now, but noticing that there are not many 11 UKs in the new arrivals. Is this a trend that will continue?
Correct. Was going to post something eerily similar.
Yes, distribution is essentially naught. Same with Dornbl├╝th
Also want to sing praises for Jen and her team. I was a recipient of the boxer briefs, and they're great. They're comfortable and have become my only choice when wearing white. They've held up well after several washes, and I'm happy to recommend them.
Let's convince Carmina to waive MTO fees again.
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