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Picture courtesy of Skoak. Bought this absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes a few months ago from Skoak, and they've just been sitting in my closet since. As I have not worn them, am considering trading them for something else that I'm more apt to wear. For folks new to the Simpson last, it runs narrow and has a low instep, so many folks size down .5 from their other Carmina sizes. I personally do not, so take everything with a grain of salt. I'm an 11 UK in most brands.
Rain is a massive last. OP would need Rain R. Simpson and Alcudia are much better.AA - you've not specified a budget. G&G TG73 runs narrow for many. Corthay is a notoriously narrow maker as well.Try some of the Japanese makers. On the budget side, Loding tends to run narrow.
Gents, Bought a gorgeous sweater on Yoox during the recent Black Friday sale that unfortunately fits me like a tent. It's tagged a 50 IT but it should fit a 54 IT (44 US). I'll take accurate measurements and additional photos if anyone is interested. Selling this week only and selling at cost.
Deets on the Cifo?
As others has said, many would clash with Bonafe. If Italian, will assume that it's Paolo Scafora. Distribution has dramatically increased, and it strikes me as just the type that would do well with Skoak.
Great seeing folks from last year and meeting new folks. Bruce Boyer coming again was a nice surprise. An important question from my wife for Fok or other staff members: where were the eclairs from?
Yes. It's currently cut very, very short, so be forewarned
Mood does indeed have horn buttons
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