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If it's not a garish one, go for it. This forum can get carried away by groupthink and the application of "rules." If you feel confident in it and it looks okay/professional, it's going to show in your interview. My big word of caution to you is that since you've never worn a square before, a very real possibility exists of you fiddling with it and worrying more about it than the conversation.
This. Find a local tailor whose work is quality, barter exposure for clothing, and then conveniently pitch a piece to your producers about the tailor's role in the community
Have found Ferragamo pretty similar to the fit on the 7 last for AE. Honestly, though, unless you're really keen on the styling/getting a great deal, I'd go in a different direction. I could never justify retail for Ferragamo as you're paying a massive premium for brand cachet for a product where the price to quality ratio is pretty skewed. That said, if it's a completely unique style that is otherwise unable to be replicated, by all means go for it, but if it's a...
Spelunking. Spoiler alert, OP is Batman.
This has quickly turned into my favorite thread.
Ahoy all, I currently have a shade under $85 in my Amazon gift card account, which I am willing to trade or sell. There is a specific jacket that I want on Yoox that is eligible for the 20% promo ending today and I'd love to minimize my actual cash outlay provided that I decide to take a chance on it. So, that said, I'm looking to either sell this gift card, trade it for a yoox gift card, or maybe another item?
What research are you doing? There are many, many good to great brands in that price range. The best thing you can do is to get properly fit by a competent professional and go from there. No footwear brands fit alike, which will affect your choice. Buy on fit first, then on price. Here is a perfect example. I spent quite a while with someone at John Lobb, and ultimately we concluded that the brand wasn't the right option for me as nothing was fitting properly for a...
Do you know how these shoes fit you? One of the biggest mistakes people make is buying on name rather than fit. You have mentioned the Park Ave, but how does it fit you? How does it look on you? There are many options for a conservative capped toe, so don't limit yourself simply based on collective thoughts. That said, if they fit you brilliantly, by all means go for it.
I read this post in Jeremy Clarkson's voice. It immediately turned into the greatest thread IN THE WORLD.
Gus, Saw the coat on instagram; it's even nicer full sized.
New Posts  All Forums: