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One vote for something in the moss green or charcoal calf.
@Leaves will there be a patina model in the 187 in the near future?
I'm going to dial my response right up to a 10. This thread is doomed!
Read this thread. Invest accordingly.
Remember, though, you can do the patina service and choose your own color.
To piggyback off of that absolutely perfect post, get out of your head. We get fixated so much on numbers that we ignore logic. I can range from a S to an XL in brands. I go from a US 11.5 through a 13. It's about learning what works for you, and that's through trial and error. I have a low instep and a narrow foot, which makes finding things an absolute pain, but I know a few lasts that fit me perfectly and tend to stick with those. You'll get to the same level with...
Natural Cleaners in Greenpoint is very good.
Think I saw a few 36, but I didn't really scope down that far since it's not my size.
There are zero. It jumped from 48 R to 50 R. I combed through all three racks containing 50 in hopes of finding the secret 50 L, which never happened. Last day is Weds at 5 PM if my memory isn't failing me.
If Kiton fits you, yes. There were some gorgeous sport coats and outwear.
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