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As a longtime C&J hater, it has been a while since I've had them on my feet in any capacity. Can someone tell me more about the 348 last? I found a pair that I shockingly love and won't have the chance to go try them on for a while since both Le Bon Marche and the actual C&J store are out of my size.
Can you comment on the construction? I've never handled a pair in my life so I digress ignorance. I've read that they are blake rapid, yet every single one of those looks welted. I know that the company starts with white leather and dyes it themselves, which is just epic, but I'd like to know more.
It depends...if it is a one-off issue, I agree. For instance, when I noobed it up by not knowing how to fix my brass, 3 members helped me. For me, it was important to say thank you as they all posted some pretty detailed posts. Here, discretion is paramount.
The Arca is my favorite shoe on the planet, so I suppose count me in this group.
Yes, it is Zegna Couture.
I'm aware of the quote. I'll leave you to your pseudo-pretentious mindset where your universal assumptions are globally accepted. Cheers.
Dohány Street SynagogueMy girlfriend wanted to go to visit some friends, thus she was in charge of deciding what we did.
Avoiding the patronizing and demeaning tone that you presented, there is a difference between overexposure and making oneself known.Take Anthony Delos, for instance. He made it a point to be known, yet to let his craftsmanship do the talking. His 40 minute video on youtube where he barely utters a word is a perfect example of how to drive interest, yet keep the focus on the product, the process, and the true artisanal element of the product. Additionally, bespoke tailors,...
Mimo - one thing that I highly disagree with your otherwise correct post is the allure of the physical location. For high end, the store is the cathedral to the brand. How many people on here make a specific stop to Northampton when visiting the UK? When I went to Budapest over the summer, I had two places that I wanted to see: one was Vass.
New Posts  All Forums: