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Wait until the flappening.
This is gorgeous. And my size. Would be on the subway tomorrow morning if I weren't going on holiday in two weeks. Terrible timing. Everything good has come in the past 6 weeks in which I've moved and am headed on a two week trip. Y'all making me need more dollhairs
There is also a cultural element to everything as well, which was already mentioned. I had a B school professor with significant Japan experience tell a story that is quite applicable here. She was at the post office in Japan and a woman had a beautiful, handmade, clearly artisinal kite. The woman at the post office and customer spent about 45 minutes trying to package it properly for it not to break, arrive safely, and preserve the beauty of the kite. Try finding that in...
They're almost the same fit on my foot. The TG73 has a bit of a higher instep, but other than that, they hit me in the same spots. They're two of the best fitting lasts I've tried. I also think Cheaney 11525 fits similarly to these, so if you want to try another brand to try to narrow down your sizing, shoot for that.
I don't have anything definitive, but I can all but guarantee that they are fused. Christian Lacroix is a licensed only company, so you do the math.
Believe that they were bigger sizes and one 40L. Would have kopped that for myself, but didn't love the pattern.
Not Manhattan, but some Zegna Couture at Marshall's at Atlantic Yards. I saw about 5 suits, each priced at $800. Not jaw dropping, but not bad.
Did the final number top 30?
Two things that I've noticed today: 1. Crusty and I both rocked blue socks in the NY humidity 2. Crusty has a much better camera than me as my blue socks look like white tube socks Maiden voyage.
Where are you located? Besides slim, what's your frame? What do you like?
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