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Two things: 1. I'm going to need you guys to not outbid me on the tie I want 2. Spoo, the red Gucci tie might be one of the craziest things I've ever seen. The pattern reminds me of what would happen if you crossed cherries with sperm (no one make popping cherries jokes).
Agreed. This question isn't, "I don't speak Italian and Canali sent a description exclusively in Italian and I need help translating," rather this question is something that is fundamental to fit. I hate coming across as a condescending ass, but this entire question undermines this "online suit company."
You remind me of this one chap who was claiming that the internet would need 5 people with bats to take him down because he was so tough and so muscular. Do you also get your towels MTM to jerk off in the mirror to your sheer perfection? I reckon you're the apotheosis of masculinity. Women want you and men want to be you. Hell, I am heterosexual, but I am now desperately awaiting to try men just so that I can ascend into your strata of fantasy and reach your godly level.
I am genuinely surprised how little moved as well. Had there been a black cap toe or wholecut, I'd have been bombarding Spoo. That said, there are like 3 pairs remaining in my size, but I have very little money right now with having to finance a move and have zero familiarity with Carmina sizing. Special thanks though to Spoo. As others have said, it's a reminder of the old days. I joined shortly after Spoo, and his general progression into badassery is impressive.
Good luck gentlemen. Nothing I need, though surprisingly decent amount in my size.
Spoo's just going to shove it in dry
100% Cantarelli
What is the toe shape? Round, almond, chiseled, other? Can't tell from the photos.
Mate, you should really be listing this stuff in SW&D.
Great deal. This was posted within the hour, so they may still be available
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