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How did I miss this thread the first time? I love the Florentine cut and the construction. Bravissimo.
Get better quality photos and clean your mirror. The size looks fine, but the quality of the photos is too difficult to make an accurate call.
Not surprised, or not impressed?
If a pant has belt loops, it requires a belt.
Mimo, thanks. I didn't even click the link.
Your goals seem reasonable, except for the suit, which I might curb until later. Perhaps don't spend all of your kitty at once and put the remaining balance into a new suit fund and slowly add to it. You're also not going to get a reasonable watch for that price, so definitely curb that. Do you have long legs and a short torso? I am taller than you and have a shorter inseam than you, which seems strange. If you're going for a complete overhaul, ensure that your...
Return them and then delete your account at Gilt.
God I miss this thread. The video was the second funniest animated video, behind Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
And fund terrorism. BBC (iirc) did a piece about how much of the world's terror organizations are funded through counterfeits/
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