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The heels on my rubbed soled beater/rain shoes are starting to die. Is it possible to re-heel a pair of cheap/glued soles? Wear these when I can't be bothered with swims or rain boots, and I'm quite fond of them for their ability to withstanding an absolute weather beating.
@mcobinad yes, racism sadly is very prevalent in Italy, especially the south. Milan players have walked off the pitch due to racist chants from the crowd. The Berlusconi family used some pretty strong slurs to describe Mario Balotelli (a twat no doubt, but undeserving of racial slurs). Glad you got to discover a new city and country.
Want to shift your mindset a bit. There are plenty of people in jeans there. Same as the Met. You want to dress for the occasion and remember that it is, in fact, an occasion. I have worn a suit there and worn an odd jacket and been fine. Plenty were in tuxedos and plenty were in jeans. Dress to your level of reverence for the artistic medium.
If you break up the set, I'll likely take issue #31. The people from the back issues in Singapore are being annoying.
Decided that cold meant casual. Carmina Duchamp
Liverano has cut a beautiful purple tweed before, but the percentage of population that can pull it off is miniscule.
Darren -I wear the Cheaney 11525, which is the same fit as the 205 just with a more pronounced chisel. The Carmina Simpson and Alcudia work best for me. I can make an Inca work, but swim in the Rain and everything else. I wear the same size on the 11525 as I do on the SImpson and Alcudia.
Amazing. Will likely be interested if the measurements work.
@jerrybrowne I saw those on @ntempleman's instagram, and was just blown away. They're some of the nicest loafers I've ever seen, so wear them well! Make sure to post pics of them in action.
Beyond being silly, it's grammatically inaccurate in so many places.
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