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Would be interested in a pair of underoos (boxer briefs)
Lots of Zegna ties at C21 for $27. Thought they were all ugly as sin, but maybe we have different taste.
When do you put on the ice pack while doing your stomach crunches?
Norman always appears so happy in photos
Life post leaving Rubinacci most be be difficult for Gennaro Paone if he needed to take a UPS gig. Didn't realize the career trajectory was from lead cutter to driver.
Man this thread reminds me of bygone days. Is Foo's Hermes green breast wallet part of WSIMCBD?
I'm vehemently anti kiltie, but it works brilliantly there.
Recommended drink and smoke pairing for reading and participating in this thread: Sazerac Rye Cohiba Siglo II Any disagreements? Varying weights and strengths, and the petite size of the Siglo II is perfect for snark.
Objective chime in here. I was in the same GMTO, and these are my favorite shoes that I own. If you're a 9.5, buy this and don't think twice.
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