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Please PM me if you plan on reselling.
I seldom like Lobb shoes, which is just a personal preference, but this look is one of my favorites in the past 30 or so pages. Well done.So someone tries to help you, which the forum is for, and you act like a prescient knob? Right.
Perry Ercolino
Not waiting for the Carminas, but eager to patronize Spoo. Someone needs to kop all of them and throw them at Spoo like in Austin Powers.
If I were shorter or these were longer, I would be the proud owner of several new Belvest items.
Surprised homeslice hasn't mentioned a LV monogrammed condom to really impress the ladies. Nothing says baller like "I'm so rich that I blow my load in Louis Vuitton."
Details on the jacket?
This thread just keeps getting better and better.
Jess, are you located in France? Happy to provide more tailored (excuse the pun) suggestions based on location.
Been a while since I handled them, but they were garbage when I did. I'd be shocked if they weren't fused. They're the epitome of fashion/trend over style, and the construction is likely commensurate with that.
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