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@gyasih went HAM on the bespoke-england sale.
^ is that Dan Lydersen? Looks like his work.
Thanks! You were one of the people I was hoping would chime in.
Hence the snark, my friend.
I live in the city and do not have a car. Am confused! HELPZ!!!
Fellow talls, are you able to wear cardigans? I'm 6'4" / 195 CM and have never been able to find one that isn't far too short and/or bulky, and the thought of going bespoke for a cardigan just makes me feel like a massive pillock. So, if you have found the holy grail of longer and fitted cardigans, would you care to share this resource so that all of us can embrace the glory? My office is either insanely hot or insanely cold, and sometimes a sport coat just doesn't work out.
Sale maxed out at 85% off
Just got back and it's solid. Will go back during lunch on Thursday to see if I can snag anything last minute. Details:Suits 70% off retailSport coats 75% off retailOutwear - 75% off retailTies - $55Shoes - 70% off retailShirts and trousers were 75% off as well.VERY heavy on tailoring, which is great. I saw about 16 racks of suits, 12 of sport coats and probably 20 of outerwear. Lots of tuxedos as well, so if you've been hesitating, go for it. Really light on pants (maybe...
PSA - UK 8 Edward Green shoes for $450 on Yoox.
Some beautiful pieces on the last pages. Well done.
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