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Threads like this and the St Crispin's one from @Leaves just reaffirm why this is an amazing community. Kudos.
Didn't see much, but I'm a 40, so I only had a quick glance into those smaller sections. Selection was pretty decent on most things.
Those are hideous. Since I'm a nice person, I'll take them off your hands so that you don't need to live with the shame of owning something so hideous.
No familiarity with fit or quality, but from aesthetics alone, JOE WORKS is incredible. I routinely find myself clicking on shoes I fancy while cruising instagram, and they're routinely JOE WORKS.
His work impresses me more and more. Would love to commission something when funds allow it.
In my nearly six years on this site, I've never had to block someone. Until today. I recommend everyone else do it until his inevitable ban.
Love learning about new craftsmen. Thanks!
Okay, decided to not use my 20% coupon, and the two people who excel randomly picked have not responded yet, so I'm making it open grabs since today is the last day. PLEASE post if you use the code so that other people aren't sitting here trying to use an expired code. Code: PC-RI-90 Open to gifts of gratitude, though
It's highly probable that I will not use my 20% code. If you're interested in it, thumb this post. I'll randomly pick from the interested people.
Is this still available?
New Posts  All Forums: