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Are you the filmmaker? If so, you might also want to consider a one-time online streaming option for SF members, who are the exact word of mouth viewers you want to attract to build interest.
Reckon it'll be available as VOD
Put them on your feet and then tie the laces.
Agree that there is a bit of a mental thing going on. While you may be a bit out of shape, your height/weight numbers are within what I consider average build, so it might be silly to attribute everything to your build. What fabrics are you wearing? How tight are your collars/cuffs? I also tend to get hot very easily, so I feel your your pain; when I am warm, I actually unbutton the cuffs on my shirt before my neck button, which I have found to make a world of...
Jay - What specifically are you trying to find? Shoes? Suits? Clothes? If you can be more specific, I can advise better.
Was it just a few styles or full blown? Cheaney sales tend to start after Boxing Day.
This. I was convinced that I knew my size and what shoes would fit me. Well, fast forward to a shopping session in London, I learned that I just cannot fit certain brands and some that I was not expecting to fit were rather brilliant.
Cheaney, by and large, runs narrow in the heel and a bit wider in the toxbox/vamp. More than any competitor I have seen of it, it uses a more pronounced combination last. If you have a long and thin foot like me where you're especially narrow at the heel, you'll be happy. I wear the 11525, so I can't help as much on the 11028, but I do go down 1.5 sizes on the 11525 and the 205. If you're curious about how I fit on other lasts to give you an idea: Cheaney 11525 - 11 C&J...
Usually twice per year direct from Cheaney. Recommend following the Spitalfields and Bow Lane stores on instagram, which post very, very regularly. Josh (store manager of Spitalfields) will answer all of your questions directly on instagram, so you won't necessarily need to go rooting around trying to find information. I cannot recommend the Spitalfields store enough, so if you order, try to order from there!
Love wide lapels. I'm tall and have a small frame, so it gives me some nice width that otherwise doesn't exist.
New Posts  All Forums: