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You can buy it at almost any neighborhood shoe/key place. There are about 12 within 5 minutes walking of Saint Lazare.
SartodiNapoli - I typically find your posts good, but your diatribe doesn't really have merit here. Want specifically to defend Norman in this case. As others mentioned, it's clearly a work in progress, so I will ignore it and move on to the next thing--taste. Just because something is reminiscent of what you like doesn't inherently make it wrong. People go to makers like Norman Vilalta and Pierre Corthay because the look and feel of their shoes jives with them. It's more...
Well, someone else bumped this,so I'll respond. What you described is not vanity sizing, it's physical differences in stature. Japanese people are smaller, generally, than Westerners, so the scale is different. Typically a medium in the States will be an XL in Japan.
Thunder, thanks for writing. Realized you can't Vulcan Mindmeld me :/ Was referring to the Carmina MTO from May.
Have basically been traveling for the last month and the intra-thread searching is not the best, so apologies for a question that I'm sure has been asked, any news on the timeline for the GMTO of the Simpson museum calf?
Not the width you're seeking, but I take a 12 C on the 5 last and an 11 UK on Simpson. The Simpson is a significantly better fit.
Mate, you should probably Google both words as they're not mutually exclusive.Your final sentences make me giggle; you have filled the thread with these ridiculous diatribes about "it's how the world works and it's what my generation wants." Let's not forget your claim that anyone whose opinion differs is merely a 50 year old in a boardroom.
You're either one of the better trolls on this forum or a sanctimonious twat. My favorite part is your grandiose observations on the world and these wildly vapid claims.Everyone who wants something different is "a 50 year-old looking for Merill Lynch boardroom attire." I'm probably within 2 years of you in either direction, so what does that make me? Also, I love how your ego dictates that you are the spokesperson for a generation. Are you secretly Kanye West?You seem...
I'm all for adding some fun and craziness, but when it's 3 roll 2 + large peaks + ticket pocket + besom pockets it starts to get overwhelming
What a pillock. The majority of the people on here dress for themselves; you clearly dress for other people, so your own insecurities are manifest through clothing. Recommend seeing a specialist to discuss this issue.This is a rare miss from you. The sport coat has SO much going on that it is distracting. Hoping that it's less so in real life., which is a distinct possibility given the scale difference.
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