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Cantarelli on there is such a mixed bag, so I'm glad it worked out for you! I also lucked into a main line, 100% cashmere sport coat for $200 a few weeks back. Others have received diffusion lines that don't even exist anymore, and then needed to send the items back.
Was happening for me with a Partenopea sport coat. I got so annoyed that I just removed it from my dreambox.
@chocsosa nice to see a fit where you're not looking particularly murdery.
I wear a 12 C on the 5 last and wear a Simpson in an 11 UK. The Simpson is an exponentially better fit.SImpson is narrow and has a low instep, so if you have both, you'll be golden. I find it fits very similarly to a TG73, which is not really in the same stratosphere, but it's more readily available, so perhaps you can try that on in person.
The Skoak team ensures that people's socks stay up by nailing them in to the wearer's calves. Obviously.
If you like the wallet, buy it. Yes, it's young, but it's also fun. And it's a wallet — it's not like you're buying a suit with the print on the back.
I have Swedish friends who speak better English than American friends, so yes, the level of English penetration is quite high. I never once ran into a language issue.
@gs77, Can't recommend @edmorel enough. He usually has sport coat lengths and some suiting, and the price/quality is always terrific. Check out his recent stuff available.
It's not just the raw materials that go in to making something. It's the expertise of the people on the other side to turn those raw materials in to a unique product. Part of that expertise does derive from marketing and oftentimes a larger staff. More employees, more overhead, more margin necessary. Think of tailored clothing through a lens most people can better relate to: cars. There are people who work at Rolls Royce who are literally the only people in the world who...
Sartod has become the new Foo in a way. Every thread he posts in stops being about the original topic and starts being about Sartod.
New Posts  All Forums: