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Mate, you should really be listing this stuff in SW&D.
Great deal. This was posted within the hour, so they may still be available
Exactly. Nothing will ever beat a relationship of trust where you two are immediately on the same wavelength
It's atrocious. Most of the stores have moved to a new business model where you pay by the kilo rather than by the item; there are two classifications of clothing, which affects pricing. There are some great accessories in many places, but they're usually overpriced. I was at one store where thrifted Hermes ties were more than new ones. All in all, in my many thrifting trips in the city, the best I ever found was a Brioni jacket in a size that wasn't my own. Hopefully...
I never had my shoes worked on in the city, but I recommend going into C&J around Madeleine and asking Dimitri Gomez personally for a referral.
There you go. Everything that most of us would tell you was contained in your earlier statement, but it's your money and your preference.
Italian is also spoken downhill, so the emphasis would be on the MEH. Think of it like this with a name in both Italian and English: Stefano.Italian: STEH-fah-noEnglish: Steh-FAH-no
This jacket is the more upscale version of The Riddler costume
Please PM me if you plan on reselling.
I seldom like Lobb shoes, which is just a personal preference, but this look is one of my favorites in the past 30 or so pages. Well done.So someone tries to help you, which the forum is for, and you act like a prescient knob? Right.
New Posts  All Forums: