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There are zero. It jumped from 48 R to 50 R. I combed through all three racks containing 50 in hopes of finding the secret 50 L, which never happened. Last day is Weds at 5 PM if my memory isn't failing me.
If Kiton fits you, yes. There were some gorgeous sport coats and outwear.
Kiton sample sale going on at Soiffer Haskin. Today was 75% off of retail, and I imagine it'll be 85% on Wednesday when it closes. From what I saw, a lot of sport coats, outerwear and accessories. Shoe and shirt selection were mediocre. Suit and accessory selection were poor. Nothing above a three fold tie. I also got into an argument with the annoying woman who worked there that really soured my desire to give those people any money. Me - "Can you point me in the...
Writing in Corneliani is different, so I'm assuming Belvest
I wish this site allowed me to give infinite thumbs.
Did a very unscientific A/B test on this subject a year ago. Emailed twice for information: once in English and once in Italian. No reply in English. Complete reply in Italian. Not exactly a representative sample, but could be an explanation.
The Suit Depot on eBay currently has a buy two Sartoria Partenopea sport coats and get a third one free. Prices are ridiculously low already. I've never purchased from this seller and don't know Partenopea well enough to know if they're legit, so I will post the link with that caveat. eBay
How did I miss this?
Looking forward to seeing this one: Carmina Shoemaker 922 Wingtip Oxford, Green Calf, Rain last. March Had planned on ordering the U-wing in green on the Simpson while at the Styleforum/Proper Kit trunk show before fiscal responsibility got the better of me.
The heels on my rubbed soled beater/rain shoes are starting to die. Is it possible to re-heel a pair of cheap/glued soles? Wear these when I can't be bothered with swims or rain boots, and I'm quite fond of them for their ability to withstanding an absolute weather beating.
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