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For people in and around the NY metro area, Century 21 has a lot of Isaia on clearance right now, reckon 100-150 suits. Some suits were as low as $450, though they are a bit more esoteric fabric choices. Average price was around $550.
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His cuts differ slightly from Rubinacci, and I really like the differences. I've been impressed with everything on his blog, and when I have the funds, I'll likely commission something.
JSO1 - where are you located? Based on some of the information on here, when I walked into the Carmina store, I was convinced that I would be able to fit the three lasts that Zapasman recommended. When I was sized and fitted, only the Simpson fit. I was sliding out of the Rain and the Forest was just a trainwreck. Depending on how narrow you are, the Simpson (lower instep) and Alcudia should fit best. Can you get sized in a store?
I'm fairly positive that the suits are Huntsman, as Huntsman did the tailored clothing for the film. I was impressed with the collection and might pick up a tie or something.
Anyone want a new pair of slippers? I got a pair of LL Bean elk slippers, and well, I already own them, so the second pair is available for sale/trade. It's a size 13, but it works well on my size 11 UK foot. Don't really have a price in mind, but I'm open to anything, whether it's a gift card you weren't going to use or cash. I'm currently in the US, so shipping would be from there. http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/70654?feat=503380-GN2&page=elkhide-slippers
Was told by the G&G employees at the Savile Row store that all of the lasts are roughly the same fit, so there will be no size changing. I can't wear any Carmina lasts besides the Simpson, so I can't comment on fit relative to others. From my experience, Carmina is incredibly wide in the heel, which is my smallest part, which is why I can wear the narrow lasts that others seemingly cannot. The TG73 is really a comfortable last, at least for me, and I recommend it highly.
These are absolutely gorgeous. I remember seeing these on the site and wanting them, so good luck with the sale!
Where in the EU? Others may disagree/agree, but I find the Carmina Simpsons and TG73 to be very similar fits.
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