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My second favorite pair of Norman Vilalta RTW. Well done.
I really like Tip Top. Prices aren't listed, so you absolutely need to know what you're doing. There are some insane deals to be had on end of bolt cloth.
The solaro is epic. Deciding how responsible I want to be...
PM sent
Beautiful 40L 3 roll 2.5 three-season wool Corneliani sport coat available. Bought the sport coat for me, but it's not fitting me as I had hoped, hence it's available. Measurements suggest that it could probably work for a 42L as well. Measurements Shoulder: 19" P2P: 22" BOC: 32" Also open to trading for something that will fit me better
@gyasih went HAM on the bespoke-england sale.
^ is that Dan Lydersen? Looks like his work.
Thanks! You were one of the people I was hoping would chime in.
Hence the snark, my friend.
I live in the city and do not have a car. Am confused! HELPZ!!!
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