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I'm considering picking up the Gatsby myself as I've been trying to find a cool u-wing. How is the width? Can you compare it to any of the narrower fitting lasts, i.e. the ones that actually fit me, such as the TG73, Simpson, Corthay Arca, etc.? FYI - for anyone who doubts NMWA as a fantastic avenue and a great price, Barbanera is now at Barneys for the low, low price of $625.
These two were my immediate first thoughts as well.
Clarkson - go with the Benjamin. Better dude, better quality and a better product. I'm also a 40L across the board, and SuitSupply fits me like a bag of dicks, so I have to assume that the fit is similar on you.
@DWFII correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't a lot of the shoemaker's access and competence be based off of market preferences? I'd imagine many more cobblers have the blake machine and technical competence/experience in Italy than say, the US.
Yes, pass it along to a new home.
100% cashmere Cantarelli sport coat. Might be on B&S as I'm a bit iffy on the fit. Not very brilliant lighting, sadly.
The response to her question--as is the response to all great questions--is obviously "fuck you."
@mw313 those are gorgeous. Are they an 11 UK? If so, please PM me the best times to rob you. If not, wear them in good health!
Create an account, and you'll be able to get everything sorted. Never personally ordered, but the process seems pretty simple.
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