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@SartodiNapoli - why do you assume malice in everything? Most of us have heard of Carlos Santos, but until Skoak started carrying the brand, its distribution for most people was essentially nonexistent. Let's take a master Neapolitan tailor, one for whom you have great reverence. Let's call him Iacopo. Iacopo is a great tailor who works only in Napoli, has good clientele and is doing pretty well. More international clientele start coming to him, and Iaocopo decides to...
Cleav just dropped the mic on this thread. This fit is sublime.
Looks like I might be popping my EB cherry
The "just spend more and buy Carmina" argument became a hell of a lot less sensible when Camrina jacked up prices. I have no experience with Meermin, but I routinely see the landed price in the US somewhere around $245. For another $100, one can get Carlos Santos or Loake; sure, it costs more. Sure $100 isn't an insignificant number to most people. BUT, if it's worth it due to better fit, better durability and better overall experience, it's not an extreme jump. Let's call...
Corcos has been killing it recently.
Sadly, yes. Now to find another applicable Larry David bit that works as a reply.
One vote for something in the moss green or charcoal calf.
@Leaves will there be a patina model in the 187 in the near future?
I'm going to dial my response right up to a 10. This thread is doomed!
Read this thread. Invest accordingly.
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