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Those are the ones, yet there are even worse ones.
I walked by the Church's store a few days ago and it was filled with studded shoes and rhinestone covered loafers. RIP Church's.
Yes...that is Tom Ford's point of view and he designs all of his clothing with that silhouette in mind.As for the fit, as mentioned above, you need to be average sized with a fairly slim waist. He isn't designing for the "average man," but rather for the athletic/fit/high end client. In womenswear, you wouldn't expect to see Marchesa in a size 14, would you?
I've always loved Ercolino's stuff, but he is a classic example of what happens when you lack marketing and CRM acumen.
As noted, there is a general flaw in the entire premise of this due to the variability amongst brands and the general subjectivity of what defines "sleek" and "conservative." What you consider sleek, I may consider conservative. For instance, I consider the JLP 7000 to be extremely conservative, yet glenjay considers it sleek. One of the things that I tried to consider was the true "heart and core of the brand."
Opinion: look for quotes/research elsewhere.
The footwear styling issue has been of particular interest to me of late with many conservative members chastising the sleeker of the group and the overall macro shift of the forum over the past 18 months or so. So for the sake of this poll/discussion, I thought it would be interesting to actually quantify the footwear issue. While some of the brands listed below as an example have models that cross into both areas, think of the macro codes of the brand. Conservative:...
Finally, a tie that combines my love for sartorial flair and autoerotic asphyxiation. Additionally, it can double as a whip when I move into S&M
And get some shoe trees.
eqcitizen and Harvey - Thanks for the advice! I will check it out. I was a bit embarrassed to be asking since I am usually the one giving advice, but I've never had any metal issue before. And foo says that there is no reciprocity and advice from senior members.
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