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For anyone in the Philadelphia metro area, there is a GORGEOUS vicuna Kiton sport coat size 52 for $2000 at Last Call at Franklin Mills. I contemplated buying it to flip it, but I just didn't want to. I think there is a coupon going around for a percentage off.
I inherited 14 vintage suits/sport coats, none of which are close to my size, thus they are all available for sale to you. I am happy to provide more information, more photos, and measurements upon request. I am also amiable to trading these items; please note, though, that I am a 38L or 40L, so we likely won't watch up on size, but if you have anything else interesting, please let me know.I'm going to make this easy on you and me. Sport coats are a flat $35 and suits are...
Hi all, I have a second interview coming up in July, and I'd like to buy myself a new staple suit for it. I'd like to spend $600 or less, but I'm willing to push my budget for the right piece. My first choice is RLBL, but finding a staple piece at that price seems difficult/impossible, so I am open to others. My measurements: Shoulder: 18.25" P2P: 20.5 BOC: 32" Sl: 25"
Also, look for a more natural shoulder [one with less padding and structure]. If you carry your weight in the middle, which I suspect you do, having an overly structured suit can just make you look like a block (think NFL lineman at the draft). Others have said it correctly: slim and tailored, etc. are just marketing words to drive traffic and interest.
Corthay is one of the few brands that actually fits me very well; many have to upsize due to its universal narrow fit. Like you, archangel, I face the challenge of having a narrow heel and actually caring about how my shoes fit.
In house
I'm...not at liberty to discuss that.
MOL - you have confirmed what I was thinking. I've been trying to source craftsmen who can make something for me, though I've had less than desirable results.
Thanks for pointing out my neglect. All of the leather is from handbag production, thus I assume that it could turn into another bag, or something similar. Again, this is where I defer to those with more construction knowledge than me.
So random question and I contemplated posting this in the quick question thread, but I don't want it to get buried. My girlfriend brought home a bunch of extra leather yesterday from work; some of it is full sheet leather and enough to make legitimate objects, well beyond the typical scraps one buys by the pound. My question for you SF is what the hell can I do with it? I have no leather working skills or tools, nor do I know where to go to commission something, though I...
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