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My email went out an hour ago, so I assume they're very gone now!
Not interested as I can't afford this right now, but you might want to put up the measurements.
Apart from the crazy syntax, it's very much a preference thing. One of my favorite shirts for more casual settings is a paisley shirt from Etro, and I recognize that it is not everyone's cup of tea.
Bitched and moaned in one of the spam threads. It's been ridiculous over the past few days. I also remember that in March 2013 there was a ridiculous influx of spambots too. How was it rectified then?
Necrobumping, but I did see this online today: Spring Sale at L’UOMO 60% Off Ready Made Suits and Sport Jackets 50% Off Hand Made Pants 50% Off Sweaters and Outerwear 50% Off Hand Made Shoes Don't know the dates, but the Comcast Center events site is completely up to date as I checked some recent developments and it is listed.
That was a poetic necro bump. Let me try... There once was a brand named Crockett Its Jones was so long it had to sock it
Yes, had the same feeling when I came back a week ago. Even many of the regulars seemed to have gone away.
Recommend wearing Burberry check pants 3 sizes too small while stuffing your crotch with a sock. That'll attract the women you want.
This is scrumptious. If it were a few inches longer, I'd be tempted as I need a new tuxedo for a wedding. Oh well.
Thanks for the info guys. Here's hoping that it won't be too much of a deterrent as I already had narrow feet to begin with.
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