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If Kiton fits you, yes. There were some gorgeous sport coats and outwear.
Kiton sample sale going on at Soiffer Haskin. Today was 75% off of retail, and I imagine it'll be 85% on Wednesday when it closes. From what I saw, a lot of sport coats, outerwear and accessories. Shoe and shirt selection were mediocre. Suit and accessory selection were poor. Nothing above a three fold tie. I also got into an argument with the annoying woman who worked there that really soured my desire to give those people any money. Me - "Can you point me in the...
Writing in Corneliani is different, so I'm assuming Belvest
I wish this site allowed me to give infinite thumbs.
Did a very unscientific A/B test on this subject a year ago. Emailed twice for information: once in English and once in Italian. No reply in English. Complete reply in Italian. Not exactly a representative sample, but could be an explanation.
The Suit Depot on eBay currently has a buy two Sartoria Partenopea sport coats and get a third one free. Prices are ridiculously low already. I've never purchased from this seller and don't know Partenopea well enough to know if they're legit, so I will post the link with that caveat. eBay
How did I miss this?
Looking forward to seeing this one: Carmina Shoemaker 922 Wingtip Oxford, Green Calf, Rain last. March Had planned on ordering the U-wing in green on the Simpson while at the Styleforum/Proper Kit trunk show before fiscal responsibility got the better of me.
The heels on my rubbed soled beater/rain shoes are starting to die. Is it possible to re-heel a pair of cheap/glued soles? Wear these when I can't be bothered with swims or rain boots, and I'm quite fond of them for their ability to withstanding an absolute weather beating.
@mcobinad yes, racism sadly is very prevalent in Italy, especially the south. Milan players have walked off the pitch due to racist chants from the crowd. The Berlusconi family used some pretty strong slurs to describe Mario Balotelli (a twat no doubt, but undeserving of racial slurs). Glad you got to discover a new city and country.
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