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Ozwald Boateng has a RTW line that's similar to his bespoke. Recommend checking it out. You'd run into similar problems as with SuitSupply, which is distribution.
Looks like the gun check is the winner. I might be in too if I can get my sizing right. Measurements appear to be a challenge for tall people who want their bottoms covered.
Loro Piana
I want to step back and reevaluate the entire thought process behind your question. Why are you looking to go bespoke? There are primarily two reasons to go bespoke: 1. You're a tough fit off the peg 2. You're a clothing hobbyist Given that you admit to not being a junkie, we can safely eliminate 2 from the conversation. So unless you're a truly challenging fit, recommend going off the rack to build your initial rotation. As you start wearing suits every day, you'll start...
Are you Sam Hinkie?
Have one from Paul Smith that I adore.
I really love Cutler and Gross if you're not locked in to these makers.Unless something has changed, Tom Ford is Marcolin.
@Carmina really should just hire a customer care coordinator. It's what, 30,000 euros per year to have this person handle all emails, customer questions, be active on this thread and the like. The 30,000 would be worth it purely for non-monetary brand goodwill, but when people who were initially debating on buying know that there is a standard avenue for questions and the like, chances are that the maybe buyers turn into full-time buyers.
Yes, but annoyingly increases the price
Some items just got dropped to final sale prices. I'm underwhelmed at the drops of most of my dreambox.
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