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Yay. If they were an 11 instead of a 10.5, would have kopped already
For the museum calf Adelaide MTO, is it a reasonable assumption to think that if we haven't gotten an invoice yet, we're in batch 2 next week?
Can you post a screen grab? Not sure why I didn't get the email, but I already RSVPed to the show, so hooray.
The jokester in me wants to wear gym pants and sneakers. Just hope it doesn't turn into a pissing/big dicking contest of apparel.
You're missing out, my friend.
Astor Place is also the only Penderyn stockist in the city. Just sayin'
When I talked to the team last week, there was still no news.
I'll be there. Vote for Penderyn as drink of choice!
I wear the same (11 UK) in G&G TG73, Cheaney 205/11525 and Carmina Simpson. As for American brands, 12.5 C Allen Edmonds 5 last, 12 Alden Aberdeen last. Cheaney generally has a high instep BTW.
Since I see many "waiting list" options, have to assume that there has been a flurry of buying in advance of the US site switch?
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