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Made in England
If you're the person who keeps bidding against me on the Uetam loafers in an 11, I'm going to need you to kindly stop. Thanks.
Its window display at Barneys NY
@IGotId my vote is for the Chonometre Bleu.
Another shoutout to the gents at Skoak for a crazy fast shipping time. My package from Sweden that I ordered last week arrived before my package from New Jersey that I ordered two weeks ago. And both were shipped to New York....
Good feedback. I remember the last one was pretty all over the place. Will try to swing by during lunch this week.
Looks awesome! Tantalum is my favorite metal, and the execution there is impeccable. That's coming from someone who dislikes the Royal Oak (sacrilege in this thread?).
Narwhal semen
Never personally bought anything there, but it's been around for a while, has a large number of reviews on Yelp and seems legit. When I went there last week, all of the Alpina that I was looking at was 100% authentic.
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