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Yes. He's great.
These sneakers were a gift from a friend in France, and they're a little big. Debating keeping, trading, or selling. Shipping them back is cost prohibitive, so here we are. The sneakers are a mix of leather and nylon, and they are done in a very cool way. The leather is supple, and the sneakers themselves are very light. As mentioned, very open to trades as well. Am a classic menswear person and not usually a sneaker person, but will try to answer any questions.
Yoox strikes again. Me: 6'4" / 195 CM Jacket. Not for people 6'4" / 195 CM Really interesting fabric and sport coat for sale from Sartoria Cantarelli (Cantarelli's highest line). It's an alpaca and wool blend and very soft. Note: it's tagged a regular, but I'm calling it a short. Please check the measurements to see if it works for you. Selling at cost in cast a fellow forumer wants it before I return it. Price is firm. Will also trade for NWT pants. Am a size 34 US...
On the wedding ring front, count me as a fan of also mixing metals. Unless you're wearing something gaudy in the David Yurman region, it will almost always look good. I went with a brushed tantalum for mine. It had the color I wanted, a comparable heft to platinum and looks really cool. Note of caution when considering titanium. It is extremely difficult to resize, so be mindful of that.
If you like it, get it. Personally, would not go so sporty for the first "nice" watch, but it's a solid choice.And I wouldn't touch a Hublot for anything over $5500.Edit - not sure where (if anywhere) you are in your collection, but if it's just getting started or shifting from base level pieces, your budget allows you to make some really great inroads. For example, you can easily pick up an El Primero, iconic in its own right, and another comparably priced dress watch for...
So.....Pluto's not a planet anymore. What's up with that?
Should have bought the yak. Thought I could wait, but damn.
They're both relatively narrow with lower insteps. So, in terms of fit, sure, they're not dissimilar, but the TG73 is a relatively narrow last with a lower instep too. Do we call all of the lasts very similar in fit under this scenario too?For 65 vs. Simpson, the fit at the waist and toebox are completely different, and obviously the aesthetics are night and day.
Have not used Sam for bespoke work, but his alterations work is incredible. Expensive, but worth it.
Been keen to try him for a while. Will likely be in Moldova this summer, so am eager.
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