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It's up now, and it's just a selection. Expecting the final sale drops around April 1
Also to chime into the height/weight conversation. 6'4" 180, and I wear a 50 in almost every Italian brand.
Just a heads up for interested folks, these are made in partnership with ST Dupont, so it's not some random factory churning out mediocrity that Louis Vuitton marks up significantly. I own the model in between these two, and it's one of my two favorite pens.
I have a very narrow heel, and Simpson fits me perfectly. Most folks complain of its general narrowness, Are you thinking of another last?
I like the new JLC Master collection. It's fun, well made, and reasonably priced. If a wearer is looking for something out of the norm, then this is certainly it. That said, I can easily get why so many folks don't care for it. There are compelling elements to the watch, but overall, it's probably not super provocative. The worst thing anyone can be on anything is lukewarm, so at least JLC is hitting its mark with the collection. I would buy it because it puts a smile on...
Get compliments all the time from older people. And I work in a pretty conservative industry, so go for it.
Any chance of more Yak?
For sneaker people, have a pair in my signature that I'm open to trading.
Here's hoping for an expended distribution of Norman Vilalta!
Indeed. Very classic. Highly recommended
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