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Obviously don't have sales data, but this does seem odd.
I wouldn't be shocked to see John Lobb add clothing at some point in the next two years. It appears that Hermes is trying to build John Lobb into, as was mentioned, Berluti.
I'm not 100% confirmed. I'm moving in the next two weeks and need to ensure finances are a go.
I may partake if we go the Simpson route.
It's obviously Crocs.
What's the time frame/MTO upcharge for the Simpson museum calf?
Le bon marche' is also one of the few stores that sells Scabal RTW.
What do you like and what is your budget? Here are some stores in both cities that I quite fancy. London Budd Lock and Co Cheaney Smythson G&G TK Maxx Gracechurch (amazing, amazing deals here) Paris Corthay Cifonelli Aubercy Slowear Charvet
My impression of EG introducing the 890 and a few more contemporary lasts is less about turning into a fashion brand and more to compete in a pretty quickly growing market. G&G, Corthay, and similar brands have really captured people's imagination and money, and I'm sure management at EG wanted to introduce something similar and its own spin on the contemporary market. Unless EG appoints a goth emo chick with zero footwear experience, we can safely assume that it won't be...
I have to imagine that Hermes is taking much more an involvement in the strategy now.
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