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Get compliments all the time from older people. And I work in a pretty conservative industry, so go for it.
Any chance of more Yak?
For sneaker people, have a pair in my signature that I'm open to trading.
Here's hoping for an expended distribution of Norman Vilalta!
Indeed. Very classic. Highly recommended
Just got back. Still a lot left, though less in what you're after.Ties extremely picked over, shirts appeared to be hit and miss (I can't wear OTR shirts so don't even bother looking at them) and the knitwear solid.The strength of the remaining stock is tailored clothing and outwear. If you're in the market for a tuxedo, go.
My guess is that it's a reaction to Tudor having Omega directly in its crosshairs.
Got a pair of shoes recrafted and received a $50 off regularly priced shoes coupon. Won't use it, so hopefully someone else can. Please post if you claim it so others won't try. R117-59Q-XZR-M7L-FQB
Yup. Was there a few weeks ago visiting family and the team told me that it's a permanent switch. I went in specifically to see a JLC piece.
Close. No JLC, and it has FP Journe.
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