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Two things that I've noticed today: 1. Crusty and I both rocked blue socks in the NY humidity 2. Crusty has a much better camera than me as my blue socks look like white tube socks Maiden voyage.
Where are you located? Besides slim, what's your frame? What do you like?
Actually, my reason for PMing him was that my email got bounced back! Thanks Leaves for the quick reply and getting me sorted!
Leaves, shot you a pm about this. Decided to pull the trigger, but had another question regarding shipping.
I left Paris in January of this year, but shoes were 180 euros. They're all goodyear welted and made in Portugal if my memory isn't going haywire.
First self post in here in a while; can't usually be bothered to take a photo in the morning. Cheaney Pantherella Incotex
I started using that in my everyday life. It's been a welcome addition.Miss Top Gear too much.
Looooove maison du whisky. One of the few places in the world that sells the stuff I drink. The markup with C&J in Paris is pretty extreme, though. Reckon we're now over OP's budget, despite the strong exchange rate.
Carmina. There is a lovely chap called Frederic in there who can help you get sized. I'm not a big fan of the French brands in that range: Loding, Finnsbury, Bexley, and Septieme Largeur.
The Dacia Sandero is coming?
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