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Quote: Originally Posted by Lane yah, jet and me are like at the complete opposite spectrums style wise, and we'll never see things eye to eye. However, I like that he regulates plebes who defend jcrew with their lives j crew plebes buy j crew because they got rents and mortages to pay jet lives with his mom
elle donne son corps avant son nom
whats the status with payments via money orders or checks? i remember you saying on sufu we could maybe send payments to your dad in America
dreamt the other night that the girl im seeing was wearing a white ToJ club collar oxford
A.P.C. $235, oxford cloth jacket
costco kirkland white tees, $15 for like 5 or something, theyre slim and long
junya x laboreur = scott.m wannabe starter kit
wrong thread
Quote: Originally Posted by jet You mean like el lag 01 lanceros? Streetwear is not my kopping field of expertise. du dont you still live with your mom?
ToJ head to toe (0)
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