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Dior 19cm MIJ raw Indigo size 30 The fades on this pair is unreal. I bought these off another member who bought it off another member who's had it repaired at Studio Kim. The crotch was patched and reinforced, and one of the pockets was replaced. $210 CONUS
Probably best to post this in MC instead.
We're trading for these.
Are you accepting trades (only for the second head)?
Still available. Want to let people know, not free bumping. Just answering a question. Mods, don't kickban me.
Last year I bought a BS101 copy of Dior's famous four pocket jacket. I've already had to replace all the buttons due to shotty sewing. The leather is still keeping up, if faded in some areas. Over-all, pretty good for the money. But if you look around, you can find something epic for $400, and it'll last you a lifetime, not a year.
Quote: Originally Posted by XenoX101 Bollocks, whats more important is the width of the frame across your face, (if it juts out or not) and even that can have liberties, I've been wearing glasses all my life and the ones he posted in my opinion are perfect for his face. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah true that not everyone's eyes are centered the same on their faces. the more predatory you are the closer...
Quote: Originally Posted by Listi I copped a N&F shirt at OTR last summer for like $140 when they were $125 online. A $10-15 markup I can deal with. It is fun to buy in the store, it's a privilege to try stuff on, and you don't need to pay shipping. But when you're talking about marking things up $100 you're just going to alienate your customers. This happens in other places outside of Canada too (despite Toronto being PARTICULARLY bad...)I was at NYC...
Quote: Originally Posted by erzu sq4 is correct. are those tart arnel frames or some kind of reproduction? if they are, don't be afraid to get a size smaller than you usually use. i wear anywhere from 48-52 frame size but with the tart, i found 44 to be my size based on pupillary distance. Moscot Lemtosh small. They don't make smaller, but the picture doesn't really catch it. With Tart Arnels I was wearing their 44s and had a similar fit....
You know what store gets NO love, but has a really good selection of indie labels and cool shit AND is in a cool-ass neighborhood? Lileo.
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