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Quote: Originally Posted by JackTheRipper Reminds me of Moscots. Check them out. Thought they were, but Moscots don't have such a big bridge.
Come on.
Can anyone identify these?
Can anyone identify these? They look an awful lot like a pair of Moscot Nebbs but are rounder. I will not be giving a $10 reward to anyone.
Can anyone identify these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma So smarts are divided by area codes in your world? More like there's a higher density of smart girls in certain areas. Same as in any city.
To answer the question: Stay in collegetown, by bay/bloor. You'll find suits and smart girls. Stay away from university pubs and frat houses. The further downtown you go, the smarter they get. Dundas/ossington is great, as is distillery district. Other good places: Trinity bellwoods, and kensington lofts. sometimes by yonge/sheppard.
Hey, For sale is a used iPhone 3GS 32GB with iOS4.0. It's got a few tiny hairline scratches on the screen that are barely noticeable. Some more on the back. Works perfect, holds a perfect charge, fast as lightning. Here are some pics of the actual phone. Asking 315 shipped in North America. Add 4% if not paying as a gift.
As digital cameras are apaarently a risky item here... This item was SOLD to me.
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