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Can anyone identify these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma So smarts are divided by area codes in your world? More like there's a higher density of smart girls in certain areas. Same as in any city.
To answer the question: Stay in collegetown, by bay/bloor. You'll find suits and smart girls. Stay away from university pubs and frat houses. The further downtown you go, the smarter they get. Dundas/ossington is great, as is distillery district. Other good places: Trinity bellwoods, and kensington lofts. sometimes by yonge/sheppard.
Hey, For sale is a used iPhone 3GS 32GB with iOS4.0. It's got a few tiny hairline scratches on the screen that are barely noticeable. Some more on the back. Works perfect, holds a perfect charge, fast as lightning. Here are some pics of the actual phone. Asking 315 shipped in North America. Add 4% if not paying as a gift.
As digital cameras are apaarently a risky item here... This item was SOLD to me.
Dior 19cm MIJ raw Indigo size 30 The fades on this pair is unreal. I bought these off another member who bought it off another member who's had it repaired at Studio Kim. The crotch was patched and reinforced, and one of the pockets was replaced. $210 CONUS
Probably best to post this in MC instead.
We're trading for these.
Are you accepting trades (only for the second head)?
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