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"a true small timer knows fit is an easy sacrifice for a bargain!!!"
Looking for a pair of Allen Edmonds Bel Air (or park avenue or fifth avenue) in 10D in walnut.
Quote: Originally Posted by YungLA buyer hasnt even been in contact with me either SMH Are you kidding me bro? I email you twice a week saying there has been no update at the post. Stop with this shit.
Made for that guy from the Fantastic Four.
Allow me to wax sentimental for a moment here. I did my first undergraduate in the middle east, mainly in Israel and in Egypt, and both places had the worst vodka in the world. It was about $3 a litre. Me and my roommates would put the vodka through a Brita filter a few times (best results after 3 times), and it would taster like some primo vodka. I'm pretty sure this can be replicated, even if my memory is a bit hazy about the details. It's definitely worth trying if...
Great boots.
Moved to dumb threads.
I had a hunch that might be the case. Goddamnit. I'm gonna ask her about it.
What's the general consensus on Guu?
I hung out with an ex a week and a half ago, and we talked for a while, mostly catching up. We made plans to hang out tonight, but she told me this morning that she wasn't "feeling it" and couldn't make it. Tonight she messages me: "Don't be mad that I flaked tonight. This whole talking again thing is freaking me out. More then [sic] i thought it ever would. Can we take this slow. Very slow. Please" I'm inclined to believe that this means that her vagina still...
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