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Band of Outsiders jacket sold. 10% off everything else.
Band of Outsiders sold. 10% off everything else.
Kind of a cross-post, but wanted to post the Allen Edmonds on this page. Allen Edmonds Bel Air wing-tip size 10B Worn twice. $200OBO Thom Browne Leather gloves size 9.5 $250 OBO Band of Outsiders Schoolboy Blazer corduroy Size 2 Asking $SOLD Link to BoO http://yfrog.com/71img0958rjx Link to Thom Browne and Allen Edmonds http://yfrog.com/7aimg0969rjx
Band of Outsiders Schoolboy Blazer corduroy Size 2 Asking $SOLD Dior Homme UMC size 31 17.5cm Lightly worn 9/10 $430OBO Thom Browne Gloves size 9.5 $250OBO Dior Homme Sunglasses $125 OBO Link to Dior Homme, Thom Browne http://yfrog.com/7aimg0969rjx Link to Boo http://yfrog.com/71img0958rjx
Pics coming shortly. Want to liquidate some assets to buy a Belstaff jacket. Size 31. Worn lightly. 9/10 Asking $450 Shipped CONUS Waist unaligned: 15.50" Thigh at crotch: 11 Front rise: 10 Leg opening: 7 Inseam: 39
Wow. Great upcycled strap.
"a true small timer knows fit is an easy sacrifice for a bargain!!!"
Looking for a pair of Allen Edmonds Bel Air (or park avenue or fifth avenue) in 10D in walnut.
Quote: Originally Posted by YungLA buyer hasnt even been in contact with me either SMH Are you kidding me bro? I email you twice a week saying there has been no update at the post. Stop with this shit.
Made for that guy from the Fantastic Four.
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