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Question: I've got a pair of walnut AE Bel Airs. I love them and they fit super well. but I've got a bunch of other dress shoes, including brogues, and wanted a pair of beat up brogues. Anyone have any advice for breaking these in without destroying soles, etc. Or an article on breaking in naturally? I know it's a stupid question. Haven't logged on in a long time but I'm sure there's a ton of trolls still around that get butthurt by dumb questions, but chill.
Wow, so I haven't logged onto StyleForum in ages. Everything's so.... new. Anyways wanted to post a couple things, and I'll start with this wonderful Belstaff jacket I posted a while ago but never wound up selling. So, it's still in perfect condition. Going to copy the old post's text. Belstaff New Cougar Blouson Size small in antique cuero leather note: purchased December this year from another member who purchased from Belstaff boutique. I am a true 38/48 and this fits...
Got a pair of APC New Cure H sz 31, looking to trade for a size bigger, or willing to sell...
pics or it didnt happen
Steve Madden makes the best shell cordovans.
True, you're not going to find Park Avenues or Strands under 200$. Lurking our BS forum, you could probably find, though. Around the $100 mark you can find some. And the inventory keeps revolving. I'd say wait until you find something instead of buying a pair of Aldo shoes.
Even on a budget, you can find some of Allen Edmonds' older models (sometimes even current) on eBay for <$100.
Interested in 10ml knize
Bump $600 + shipping
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