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Bunch of stuff in 41 and 41.5. You guys are in luck.
Alright, going to head back there now. They've got loafers.
Just went there. About 10 pairs of Vass. Mostly 39-41 in sizes. No monk straps. Will post pictures if anyone's keen. All pairs are 280.
I dunno. Price drop. $350. Used to be you'd get banned if it wasn't 5% at least drop before you get banned, so here's like 30%. Don't ban please.
Just bought Tom Ford's neroli portofino. Great scent, and a good amber base which is somewhat similar to prada's amber. Long lasting, too, contrary to many reviews.
Yeah, been doing it for past year with these. Anything to protect leather soles from wetness?
Sorry. You're right. Badly phrased. If I'm going to break them in what should I know. Should I just treat with a waterproof/salt proof spray and go at it even in winter?
I'm in Vienna and can take a look for anyone for these shoes, and see if they ship to USA. Looking into buying a pair myself.
Another one of my Belstaff jackets for sale: So here's the deal: This is a rare leathermaster Belstaff jacket size Large that was used as a jacket in the movie Black Dawn (an absolutely awful movie with Steven Seagal). It was rigged with explosive and fake movie blood packets The packets were triggered, some of the material from the packets still remains on the inside of the jacket, the back of the jacket is discolored and the leather has some cracks/holes due to...
New Posts  All Forums: