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I've proxied for a few people. Let me know if you're interested.
Trees not included. To buy the house brand trees is another 29 euro. Here are all the shoes they have and their sizes. Only calf leather. Cordovan only in Budapest store. Took pictures of top of shoe first, and then bottom. M
Just doing an interest check... going to Budapest in a week, wondering if people would be keen for me to proxy them shoes direct from Vass. M
Also, all shoes on the lower shelves are the house brand "ABBA"
Going in tomorrow to check out sizes for each model and place a couple orders. Will get more information then. Don't know about lasts. Will ask. There's a right Viennese bitch behind the counter, so I'm going to factor in talking to her in the proxy fee.
Yeah, I'm proxying for a bunch of people already. PM me.
Really don't know much about Vass. Just live near the store. If you see it in the picture, they've got it.
No idea what this is worth. Final drop to 250 + shipping.
So mostly geared towards smaller sizes, but they got a couple in all sizes.
One sec. They have a bunch more sizes. uploading pics now. starbucks wifi is damn near snail pace.
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