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Bump - selling for 350 now
Cool! Black one sold.
Incredibly soft Iro leather bomber jacket From Barneys - Original pics here My crappy phone pics here Size Large
Hi all, Got a few leather Belstaff jackets that haven't been worn in forever. Bought them a while ago on a Belstaff binge and now trying to do a bit of closet curating. Price is $700 $600 ---- $500 ---- 400 now. These sell on eBay for +/- 750 so if you think the price is right, send me a PM or let me know an offer. I'm not interested in lowball offers, but would like to see these sold sooner rather than later. Brown is size Medium. Black is size Small Both in...
All Saints
Hi all, Just got my suit back from the guys at Pal Zileri. It's from their Abito Privato line, and is three button. Was skeptical at first about having a three button suit, and would like to have your input on the fit and style of it. I'm 6"1, so the overall fit isn't very zoot-suity, even though it's three button.
Good for him! Dont think it can sell for that much though.
130 + shipping?
let's say 175 plus shipping for this. Happy new years
Don't know the first, but the second is 39 and 45-
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