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Received a jacket as a gift. Trying it out. It's marked 'slim fit'. Jacket by Banana Republic Shirt by Peter Millar Knit tie by Harrod's (thrift find!)
Going to a German dinner, hence a German tie.
Aw. TMI Warning: I've dealt with chronic depression for more than half my life; I still deal with it. In my later teen years, I caught the Pokemon craze, specifically for the card game. The want to swap cards and the need for money to buy more, motivated me to go out and be social, to work and productive. Pokemon is, also, the last thing I recall being truly excited about, so my nostalgia for it is strong.There's more to it than that, but there's the gist. ^^
Is it sad that I cannot tell whether the person in the first photo is a man or a woman? XD*Googles "Gudetama"* ...omg 00;Twenty years ago, I would have appreciated that more! Albeit, I still have a penchant for cute things (don't worry: said things include women ...not that women are things, mind), and ain't afraid to say so. ^_^ Nonetheless, I'll pass on this one (too much cute is dangerous!).
Oh? Ha-ha! Like the phantom?I attended a screening of a Met opera, so I guess I'd be the 'Phantom of the Cinema' ...Not quite as euphonic....You know, I'm still looking for a good 'funeral' cape, preferably of the CM Almy variety.Digressing: most of the men in [the cinema's] audience wore jeans, sweaters, windbreakers, and sneakers.I, on one hand, felt like I was the only one who dressed like he cared. Then, I remembered the Pikachu pinand felt less self-conscious....
Went to the opera. Jacket by Gucci Shirt by Kiton Tie by Borrelli Vest by Ermenegildo Zegna Pants by Armani (Collezioni) Shoes by Brooks Brothers
Simple dinner with a friend; going for casual. Shirt by Vince Belt by Ermenegildo Zegna Jeans by Diesel
Fox tie, but I'm concerned it's too red. Too late now (off to dinner)! Jacket by Comme des Garcons (Homme Plus) Tie by Ermenegildo Zegna Shirt by Jhane Barnes
Wore to Thanksgiving brunch. Jacket by Polo Shirt by Zegna Tie by Hermes Sweater by Brioni
More sartorial silliness from Yours Truly.
New Posts  All Forums: