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UPDATE: I requested a refund; I just don't trust the tie and the seller hadn't mailed it yet. It... Kinda worked out? No losses on my end, anyway. The Balmain eBoutique was more interested in games than in answering my question, BALMAIN: "Dear Madam, dear Sir, Thank you for your email. Please note that there is no tie at the boutique in Paris currently. For your information, Pierre Balmain is our second line, more contempory." I didn't ask anything about...
Like A/X is licensed or RL's 'Lauren' line is licensed. Yes, these are legitimate lines, even if they aren't overseen by their respective design houses, but products from these lines may themselves be counterfeited. For example, one may find both a real 'Lauren' tie and a fake one from a Goodwill store.Thank you for your insight; I should have been more clear.
Sniped this on eBay ($6 shipped). Unsure of its legitimacy. The seller is, obviously, a Goodwill/Salvation Army scavenger: much of his inventory is marked 'pre-owned' (inc. this tie) and is of the red-label Brooks Brothers and JAB persuasion. I have a Balmain sweatshirt bought from Matches Fashion. I compared the lettering as well the placement of 'Paris' from the tags of both items: not a perfect match, but that fact may not be conclusive as to the genuineness of the...
I hope I have chosen the proper or, at least, a suitable thread for my little question. Either way, I hope someone knowledgeable would be pleased to answer. I traced the RN of a shirt I found to a "Saks and Company". Does any here know if this Saks and Company is related to Saks Fifth Avenue?
Attended a choir recording. Combined brown with green, purple, and gray.
I hope this is the right place to inquire. ...Is this a good deal; is the item legit (i.e., not counterfeit)? I appreciate SF's input. I ask because the item's location is NY (receives lots of stuff from China) and the seller seems to sell a good deal of Apple products (which is suspect).
Found a gorgeous, gray Oxxford sport coat today: looked new! ...Too bad moths had gotten to it.
Why would someone buy such a thing, then donate it?
Mine? lolThanks! I like it myself: great for summer, and being that it's linen, it could be worn with jeans (yes, I am guilty of this).
Hey'O! Found this for a dollar! But, is it real, fake, or real fake? It's linen, if it matters. Bought beside a real Ferragamo tie (but I'm unsure if from the same corpse... er, 'donator'). The tag is made well: one cannot see the red embroidery from the back side. Please help, SF!
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