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More sartorial silliness from Yours Truly.
Oh? Ha-ha!There's just something about it I like. I wear ties with V-neck sweaters and pull-overs as well, sometimes even with jeans. ^_^
Blending my eccentric street with my formal. Sweatshirt by Balmain (the real deal - not that H&M bull) Shirt by Borrelli Tie by Bulgari Pants by Armani (Collezioni) Bluchers by Brooks Brothers Cuffs are vintage sterling. Am I an oddball or what?
What I wore to school this day. Navy jacket by Hickey Freeman Shirt by Charles Tyrwhitt Tie by Peter Millar Scarf by Emporio Armani. Gray jeans by Zegna Sport (fairly slim) I forget where the shoes came from (I wore out the lettering inside, but I think I got them from Brooks Brothers). And yes that's a Pikachu pin. I wear what I like!
Oh, I get it. Thanks, all!
MrTRC gave you Reputation for your post in HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part IV (starting May 2014) Pawsome! ...I think. Would someone please fill me in on this 'Reputation' thing? I've been away a while. ^^
Here's a sample of how I'm dressing for school (returning college student). I apologize for the photo quality. Navy jacket: Hickey Freeman Red tie: Bulgari Bengal shirt: Luigi Borrelli Brown trousers (unseen): Brioni Yes, I'm wearing a Pikachu pin. I have a sense of humor about myself, and am a social contrarian in general. ^^
Thanx, guys!
Yeah, it is the color of baby poo! xD Still, people fawn over RL (I'm one of nine persons in the world who doesn't), so I'm optimistic.
Found a Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt in great shape!!! ...but the damn shop put a hole in it with their store tag. Anyway, I snagged it for $4.99. Think I'll have any luck on eBay? Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Light-Tan-Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Lable-Shirt-16-Cotton-Italy-/171769867216?
New Posts  All Forums: