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Miata, Integra or Q45 IMO
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 What is the point of this besides making both the car and driver look stupid? Thats fine that you think that, doesnt bother me lol That is a tad extreme, I agree, that car isnt a daily driver. The point is, it looks cool to a very large group of enthusiasts around the world.
You must provide more guidelines, there's are a ton of different factors to consider when making a decision. You have 55k to spend now, but do you have the money to continue maintaining a highend vehicle with high replacement part cost? Will this serve as a daily driver? need it to go 200k miles with ease? Do you need cargo/ppl capacity? need to tow? I could go on and on, but cars are my obsession/lifestyle/hobby/moneypits. The older I get, the more factors I consider...
TS means thread starter? I love your stuff, Obbi, I wanna buy soon!
Would love to get some, damn Xmas!
wow, I love those djp's
OP, what do you speak of?
I must ask, what do you drive?
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