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Thanks again to everyone who has given input (especially those who give me hope there are perhaps more answers to 'what should I wear to a wedding?' than 'solid dark suit/white shirt/subdued tie'.)As of now I think I'll probably compromise and go for a light blue dress shirt and maybe a more subtle (perhaps burgundy, as someone suggested) tie, sticking with the suit, which I happen to be fond of. Cheers.
I did consider a light blue shirt, and may still go that direction. Maybe I should mention that although this is a wedding the dress code will not be particularly formal -- likely lots of mid-late 20s people with maybe half of the men even wearing suits -- so I don't necessarily feel like going for something a little funner/bolder would be frowned upon (though I acknowledge there's a big difference between bold and overly busy.) edit: Maybe I should also add that the...
Thanks all. If anyone has suggestions for a different shirt or different shirt/tie combo, I would appreciate it. (I did up wearing a white spread collar shirt with this suit a month ago when I went to a different wedding and wanted to try something a little different this time, but as jrd points out that is certainly an easy option.)
I wasn't suggesting you should change your opinion; I was asking about those of others. As I mentioned I'm grateful for your input, which as you correctly observe I did solicit.
Okay, I realize brand/price aren't everything but for what it's worth it is a $200 Brioni tie. If it looks cheap despite that I can only say again, that's disheartening. Would be interested in second opinions if people have them.
Thank you for your reply -- confirms some of my suspicions. But is the tie really that bad? That's disheartening because I actually really liked the colors and thought the pattern was simple enough not to offend.
Okay I'm basically a SW&D guy, so be gentle. I need to put together an outfit for a wedding I'm attending, and I'm wondering if this shirt is too casual / doesn't work with the suit? I like the colors/patterns, but does the fact that it's button down, or the cloth (oxford) make it too casual? Thank you for your input.
Is there any place to get a dress shirt in downtown LA? I'm here for a wedding (tomorrow evening), and the shirt I brought was ruined by the cleaners. Unfortunately I'm a little short on time and mobility, so any suggestions for things reasonably nearby would be much appreciated.
Got a couple replies the first time around but no one followed through so far. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it.
As pictured here: Basically I was pretty psyched a couple days ago when a friend who went to NYC was nice enough to bring me this jacket and a couple other things form Uniqlo. Then yesterday I went to the laundromat and set it down on a folding table for about one minute while loading my stuff into the machine, and when I looked back it was gone. Of course the laundromat isn't responsible, but what's annoying is...
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