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Received my Belstaff leather jacket from amin. Very smooth transaction, fast shipping and jacket in lovely condition.
It's cold here so ... Purple RLPL cashmere v-neck Esef Sky denim Converse All-star slim white leather hi-tops APC black / white / grey fleck merino crew-neck Big fluffy navy / burgandy Nautica dressing gown
That Belstaff is beautiful, PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by gee_ Posting these for a friend ESEF R-20's 21 oz. 18 months 2 soaks 1 wash Going through almost the whole thread for the first time, these are the standout for me. I really hope my Esef Sky turn out like this!
Head's up for the other Aussies (just in case anyone's interested) I'm selling a pair of Alden balmoral wingtips on eBay (http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....m=260662985701) ... bought from a member in the US here, but unfortunately too narrow for my wide foot :-(
Sent you a PM about the APC leather.
Asos? They have some slim straight wool dress pants on their website.
Very happy with transaction with ondisplay.
Very happy with international transactions with twon12, sipang, Larson McCord & whusurdadi.
Hard to say, different jeans for different occasions. I think Levis would be my favourite on the whole (511 & 514), because they're cheap, comfortable and fit well. My 514 probably gets the most wear-time, even though I'd say it's nowhere near as nice as my NS, Esef or Saba pairs. This would be good as a poll, but too many answers probably. I predict 'Other' would win by a mile. Another interesting topic would be 'How do you choose which jeans to wear?' ... For...
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