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NVM - found one on eBay :-)
Looking for a plain navy RLPL Polo in a size S, willing to ship to Australia. Pre-owned is fine as long as in good condition.
After 1 leather condition + about 6 months of wear. Have not been babied at all. Currently for sale on eBay :-( ... sizing is just too big for me!
Can you provide an actual waist measurement for the J.Crew cords?
Shirts arrived promptly from tolypso, very smooth transaction and shirts exactly as described.
Interesting to hear people's thoughts about a drop off in quality. I just got back from Singapore where I had my most productive Uniqlo shopping trip yet. And there was so much more I wanted to buy, but had to stop myself! I found a lot of better stuff than my previous 2 trips there. Edit: In case you were wondering, no I don't fly to Singapore just to visit Uniqlo :-P
Measurements please!
All my argyle socks are from Uniqlo.
Speaking of Belstaff ... I just got this one (sorry only have the pic from the for sale thread) ... absolutely love it!
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