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Quote: Originally Posted by Khayembii Communique Just bought this Corter bracelet: Thinking about buying this belt to go with it: What kind of shoes are good to wear with this untreated stuff? Some Beeswax Clarks DB's maybe? I don't worry too much about matching shoes with my natural belt ... anything ranging from All Stars, white bucks, beeswax Clark's, a range of different shades of brown boots. None of them really 'go'...
Quote: Originally Posted by newest neophyte ... Also, you mentioned above that your 514s stretched a bit. Are the 505s also likely to stretch rather than shrink? If so, I'll get the 32 (which is just a bit tight on me) rather than the 33 (which is a bit loose). Yeah I'd go for the 32, if it's just a bit tight now, it'll be fine pretty soon. Good luck! And post a fit pic if you decide to get them.
Quote: Originally Posted by newest neophyte I have tried the Levi 514 jeans, but I am uncomfortable with the 9 3/4" rise, which is too short for me. Because I don't like the button fly on the 501s, I have begun to look at the 505s. Do you like any of the styles here? If it matters, I am 6'1"/155 lbs and wear a 32/32 or 33/32. Thanks a lot, guys. Of all the styles on that page,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ruzzi Looking for a black (like pure black not washed) with similar fit to apc new standards... Any ideas? ... I guess you've already considered these, anything putting you off?
Quote: Originally Posted by gpw11 Jean retard here ... So, I decided to try Levi's 514s and say that I probably like them better, but I'm unsure of what size I should go for. 32x30 seems loose, but 30x30 tight (can't ever find 31x30). Any advice as to whether the 30x30's are too tight? I've attached some's pretty obvious which are which. Also, please excuse the low quality pictures and old, ratty kicks. Definitely go for the...
I have a pair of Levi's 514 slim straight, dark blue wash, size 32 (actual waist 34) ... Slightly too big for me, willing to sell cheap. PM me if interested. Located in Australia.
I was thinking about joining that other 'March 2011 No Purchase' thread, but ... kind of clicked 'buy' for the LEC sale. Couldn't resist the additional 30% off on sale prices ... got a cashmere cotton sweater, canvas sneakers, cotton cardigan, 2 polos, leather sandals, denim jacket and cord shirt for $150 shipped international. Bargain!
PMed you on the Our Legacy summer jeans.
A quick heads-up in case anyone's interested, selling a couple of things on eBay in Canberra. Clarks Originals desert boots in beeswax - 7.5 UK, 8 US T.M. Lewin dress shirts (x 5) - 15.5 / 34.5 Mods sorry if I shouldn't be posting here, but thought I'd give the locals a heads-up!
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